Puggie Liddell Book Review

You all know how much I love to read... 
Also that I really want to pass my love of reading on to Broxton...

I have tried to get the boys into reading, but for some reason...
They "say" they "Love It" but when it is time to read, they have other things to do...
I think if all kids had great adventures to read like the Puggie Liddell book I read, they would be more into it!  Because of that, I am going to try and get them to read this one!!!!

I had the opportunity to review " The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of Puggie Liddell."
It was Book One, so I can not wait to see where this whole series goes!

In the first book, Puggie and his sister, Gigi are on a field trip.
They are just as all kids are... especially most siblings I know...
Well, in this first book, so much happens!
We meet Puggie and Gigi.  We learn that they are completely opposite... but when push comes to shove, Gigi will always look out for her kid brother.  We also learn that Puggie is a smart kid... As in a "whiz kid!"
While on their field trip... they happen to fall into a time portal!
It is so neat that they go back in time and Puggie (the younger) is trying to explain things to his sister...
To the point of using his knowledge to figure out where they are and what they need to do!

I loved the book and caught myself eagerly turning the pages to see what was going to happen next!
I can only imagine the excitement if I was a bit younger!  Oh... I also loved that the author used the "coolness" of incorporating today into the book... Bringing up the game boy... Cell phones and of course, Justin Timberlake! What a great way to keep kids reading!

As I said, this is book one... So I am already awaiting the chance to see where Puggie lands on his next adventure!
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  1. It's really smart that they referenced some pop culture things in there!

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing my work!


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