Great Food You Can "Make" At Home With @ZoesKitchen

Oh My Goodness.
The other day, we ventured out to try Zoës Kitchen in East Cobb (Georgia) for a blog review.
It was pretty funny, as I have never heard about it... but then recently I have heard several people talking about it and I have seen a couple facebook "check ins."  Everyone keeps talking about their "white beans" but we did not try that out...  
Image Credit: Zoes Kitchen
The plan was to go and check out their "take home tubs."
Basically, they have a couple of their food items packaged in take home tubs and then they have a couple of menu cards for you to recreate dishes...
Since Zoës Kitchen isn't particularly near us, we decided to go and check them out for lunch... and then try their take homes that night..
Marc had their steak sandwich with rice... He was a bit turned off that it was "healthy food" and was really unsure about the whole "no mayo potato salad" so he would not even try that...
I asked the cashier which sandwich she would recommend between two choices and she recommended the Gruben, it was really good and I can see why she recommended it.  I went with roasted veggies as my side item.  Honestly, I would not order those again, it was like they just threw them on a grill with no seasoning or anything... not bad, but not a recommended item either.  
Broxton had the kids chicken strips with fruit ... the chicken strips order was just a chicken breast cut into strips...  We really enjoyed the food, but I was dying to try the take home food and I already knew I wanted to try their chicken salad (if you get a chicken salad that is made right, I could eat it 24/7)  I was also really interested in trying their potato salad out, as I just can not grasp a "no mayo" recipe.
Image Credit: Zoes Kitchen

Okay... To get to the point...
We are in love.  Notice I said WE... I ended up picking out the pasta salad, their potato salad and their chicken salad.  I actually did not grab the menu for recreating meals at home... I know.. my mistake... I was just still so curious about the potato salad, I forgot!!!
So, we planned on chicken salad sandwiches for dinner, with the pasta and potato salads for side items.  Once it was time to make our plates, I had to steal a taste of the chicken salad before I made them into sandwiches and I was really impressed!   The meat was just right... not too dry, not chewy like some is... Just right!!!!   I made our sandwiches and then went on to the potato and pasta salad. 
Wow... I am really wishing I had a Zoës Kitchen near us just to be able to order the potato salad!  It was delicious!  The pasta salad was good, but I would love to try it as a meal with meat and what not added to it.. I would actually love to check out their sheet to make a meal at home with that to see what they recommend... They actually had  a sheet for the potato salad that had you add stuff to it and make it as a hashbrown casserole... now that sounds heavenly and I do want to try it soon! 
After seeing the "fresh take chicken salad casserole" sheet, I know we will be trying that soon.  For Marc to not even like chicken and be craving their chicken salad, you know it has to be awesome! 

After we were at Zoës Kitchen, I mentioned it on facebook and had one friend ask for me to tell how it was, as there was one near them... Then, my aunt commented that they LOVED eating there, as they loved their wraps and salads... and to think I had no clue that they had ever even been to a Zoës Kitchen before!!!

We just noticed that they are opening up a new one near us, so you better believe that we will be trying it out soon!!!! Have you eaten at a Zoës Kitchen before?
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  1. That turned out way better than I thought it was going to based on the start of the post. I'm glad!

  2. That sounds like a great meal! Now I'm hungry.

  3. My hubs do not want mayo on his potato salad, compliments of his growing up I think.
    So I make two. One for him and one for me and the kids. Mayo must!

    So I'm glad the salads were great and now you find another place to dine :)

  4. I have never heard of it either. I love chicken salad though and am always on the hunt for a yummy recipe. I'd like to try this sometime.

  5. We have one in downtown Greenville. I have been dying to try it.

  6. So, are you telling me that it is better than Dexter's Chicken Salad? If so, when the one opens on Cobb Pkwy...I will be there in a heart beat!

  7. Hil -
    you know I love dex's... this was great... but I do not think anything will ever beat dex's... but I think that was sentimental reasons..
    go try it out.. I bet you will LOVE it just as much :)


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