Tom and Jerry- Pint Sized Pals

Broxton is always hit or miss when it comes to Tom and Jerry.  Depending upon the day and time, he might be a fan, but at other times, he could care less.  That was the case with the latest DVD that we received.  I thought Broxton would be pretty excited since he does like Tom and Jerry...
This was a special DVD as it shows more of the other characters than some of the other DVD's.  Broxton seemed to be upset with the shows (especially Spike and Tyke ones...)
That was odd to me, as Spike and Tyke were the two characters I remembered and loved the most...
It is funny to me, just hearing the theme music transported me back to my youth...  It was like I was a kid again!!!! Anyways, instead of a trip down memory lane, let me get back to the DVD...
Broxton seemed to think it was too much and wasn't a fan... and then I have read on another site that maybe it isn't for younger kids... I don't know.  Broxton isn't normally like that, so I am not sure if it is the episode, or the mood he has been in...
I do know that it was cute to see Droopy as he enters the surfing competition... and I just love that little duckling, Quacker!!!!
All in all, would I recommend it?
For sure!!! But I would honestly wait to let the young one fully enjoy it once they are old enough to read, as that is when they will get the most enjoyment out of the episodes!!!! (Broxton loved some of the episodes, but would ask me what it said in the writing...)

Tom and Jerry: Pint-Sized Pals
Disc One
Disc Two
1. Love That Pup
1. Babysitting Blues
2. The Dog House
2. Game Set Match
3. That’s My Pup
3. Happy Go Ducky
4. Hic-cup Pup
4. That’s My Mommy
5. Pup on a Picnic
5. Little Quacker
6. Puppy Tale
6. Southbound Duckling
7. Barbecue Brawl
7. Just Ducky
8. Endless Bummer
8. Cat Show Catastrophe
9. Little School Mouse
9. Kitty Foiled
10. Robin Hoodwinked
10. Ho Ho Horrors
11. Jungle Love
11. The Two Mouseketeers
12. Royal Cat Nap
12. Touché, Pussy Cat!
13. The Vanishing Duck
13. Mice Follies
14. Cat Nebula
14. The Egg and Jerry
15. Adventures in Penguin Sitting
15. Tot Watchers
This DVD is AVAILABLE for purchase on March 5, 2013.
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  1. Tom & Jerry was my gram's FAVORITE cartoon, so I do have a soft spot for it now. ;)

  2. My boys love Tom and Jerry! It cracks me up when Mica cracks up.


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