Retro Flavors with Mike and Ike Around Until April

I was never really a fan of Mike and Ike... 
Not because it doesn't taste good, but because I had never had it to know any different.
Luckily with blogging, I have had the chance to try them and I see I was missing out!!!!

Mike and Ike are going RETRO until April and they brought back a few favorite flavors...
Lemon and Watermelon  released 1991

Cherry and Bubble Gum released 1989

I was excited to try them and I was hopeful that Broxton wasn't going to like the same flavors as I did...
We now know that he does, as he was quick to share the Lemon and the Cherry... But for some reason he could never seem to reach a Bubble Gum or Watermelon one in the box!!!!

So, if you enjoyed these wonderful flavors back then... or if you love Mike and Ike and want to try out these flavors from the past...  Head on out and pick up a couple boxes... They wont last long!!!!

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  1. My husband is a huge Mike & Ike fan. Those and Clark Bars, lol. He likes his retro candy. :)

    It's cool that the retro flavors are out, I'll keep my eyes open and tuck one into his lunch if I come across it. :)

  2. Those always make me laugh! Mike and Ike, Mica and Isaak. I never intended to have that connection when I made them. They've really got some great packaging going on.

  3. BTW Isaak started calling Mica, Mikey. I've never called Mica that. Neither has Travis. I don't know how I feel about that. I do however call Isaak Zeeky, so maybe that's where Isaak's getting the Mikey.


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