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If you are looking for a great product for Mother's Day...or just because... I have a great hydration mask to tell you about.    I was given the chance to review the UTMOST MOISTURE - immerse me Hydration Masque from b.liv by Cellnique.   I honestly do not think that I have ever tried a mask like this before and I was really impressed with it...  (Yes, I have tried mask's in the past, but they are normally the ones that you are supposed to let dry and harden on the face... this was so different.  It went on wet and came off still wet! )
The hydration mask seemed to be like super fine silk of some sort...   it was super soft, wet and very thin.  You open the package and as you spread it out to place on your face, you see that they do indeed have pre-cut holes for your eyes and nose.  I had a hard time lining the holes up to match my face, so I just went with it and stretched the holes to adjust to fit my face.  Marc did not have any issues on it fitting his face.    A
s much as I love all of you, I just do not think that I could post a picture of myself with this mask on.  I am glad that my sweet hubby did not mind, so that way you can see what I want to tell you.

Once the mask is placed on your face, you can go about your business.  It sticks to your face due to the moisture.  It is very soft and silky... and not greasy/sticky at all!  That was an added bonus to me.  I mean, who wants something stuck to their face that is all icky feeling?
Once it was time to take the mask off, Broxton was there to help.  It is easy to come off and there is excess moisture on your face.  When I used the mask on myself, I actually used the mask (once I took it off my face) and wiped my chest and neck area to use the moisture that was still remaining!
I really enjoyed using the mask.  It says you can use it daily.  I do not see myself doing that... just because I am yet to get a routine for my personal skincare... I believe I would use it more as a treat to relax.  (Until summer... and then I see myself using it more often as I burn easy!)  


From their website:
This moisturizing mask covers your skin with a generous boost of hydration! Immerse me acts like a balm for parched and dry complexion as it gets absorbed in a blink of an eye and makes sure your skin’s longing hydration will never turn tail. Its nourishing essences shoo away the dryness and replenish moisture into the deeper layers of your skin. So, why not make it an everyday affair?
For dry to very dehydrated skin (all ages).
• Provides instant hydration 
• Helps skin preserve its optimum moisture balance 
• Improves skin water retaining ability and provides long lasting hydration
Do you have a skin care routine?  
Do you use masques in your routine?  


  1. I love that Broxton helped remove the mask.

  2. I would use it as a treat too. Your husband gets big points for that picture, my husband would run like the wind!!! LOL :)

    I like that it's silky and stays wet. I don't like when they dry hard.

  3. I need something like this. I'm getting older so need to have a routine.

    I usually just wash my face and moisturize and go, or put on foundation and go. :)


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