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For the past couple of years, we have been lucky enough to take Broxton to the "Day Out With Thomas" event closer to back home.  It has always been with my parents and for the first two years, they really seemed to enjoy it.. but last year, they seemed like they had sort of outgrown it.  

The whole purpose of us going to South Georgia was to see them, so I told them this year they weren't "on the hook" to go and that I would take Broxton to the one up closer to us.  
I am SO GLAD I did.  
We actually drove up to Chattanooga and went to the event up there.  
It was like night and day between the two locations and we all had a blast!!!

I can honestly say that although my parents were sort of "over" the whole event, they would have still had a ball going to the DOWT held in Chattanooga!!!!

Of course, we get there and the SKY is about to bust open in a down pour.  No... I do not have an umbrella in the car... No, we are not near the house to run and grab one...
 But - lucky for us... (and pretty much EVERYONE else there that day!)  They sold Thomas KID umbrella's!  Broxton had to have one, of course.  I know I am sweet, but not sweet enough to melt, so Marc and I were okay.. They did sell poncho's, but I was not that worried about it.  
The signage letting us know what all was every where.
Once you arrive at the Event, you immediately walk into "Sodor Island" there are all sorts of things to do.  They had a row of tents set up with different vendors selling things and sitting area's for food.  They also had the play area for the kids to enjoy..
Big Train play area.  They had several train tables.  Some were a bit long, but Broxton managed to find an area that he could run all around playing on. 
 This kid will play with trains for hours if we let him.  We had to pull him away so that we could check out everything else, since we had never been to this location before.  
 Since MegaBloks is a sponsor, they had plenty of toys for the kids to play with as well!

The thing that was cool to Marc and I?  Since it was at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, we were able to learn about the old trains too!    This was a blacksmith that was doing work and then selling his creations.  
Broxton looking out the window on Thomas as we leave the station.  
 You know, Daddy drives a train for a living...but he had NEVER had the chance to ride Thomas until that day... So of course, he was having a great time with Broxton!!!
 As with all DOWT events, they had even MORE fun area's for enjoyment.  You really do get to spend the DAY OUT WITH THOMAS!!!  They had a mini golf section.  
 An entertainment tent  for resting and relaxing!
 They had a petting zoo.  It was free to enter and pet, but you could buy a cup of snacks for like a dollar to feed them as well!  (some of the kids were a bit nervous, so they just stood on the outside of the fence and watched.  )  
Broxton and daddy had a great time feeding the animals and they both loved seeing this little baby!

We had a great time and I can not wait to go back again...  For sure, we will be doing the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Thomas event again!!!!

Come back tomorrow... I have even MORE photos to show you!


  1. Every child I know would love this trip. Your little one is awesomely cute. I know you already hear that a lot. :)


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