Panthers and Sumo. Does It Get Better? W/W

For Father's Day Weekend, we went to visit MY dad.  
It was great... I had my son, my husband, my dad and my granddaddy all there together!!!  
But... that Saturday night, we took the boys to the Panther's Game. 
That is the hometown Arena Football Team...  
(The 17 year old was already back home at his moms.)

No game is ever complete without POPCORN!!!!

Not the best of pictures, but still.
My honey and my daddy.  Love it.  

This makes my heart smile every single time.
He knows when to stand... and he salutes.
I love this kid!!!

Surprise!  I had actually emailed to see if there was any way possible to get the boys to do the SUMO wrestling.  It is always so funny to see them up there.. and I knew they would love it.  Talk about making memories!!!  I just wish I could have captured the facial expressions when they found out they were going to SUMO wrestle on the field.  They were so excited and it was PRICELESS!!!

They got out there... and down he went..  The 15 year old (and skinniest of all the boys!)  Won!!!
They also made sure to note that this was the FASTEST SUMO event they had ever seen.   

Of course, no trip to a Panther's Game is over until you get to run on the field... Getting photo's with the players and Prowler, the mascot!!!!

Make sure you come back next week to see what happened that night to make it even better!!!!

Do you have any hometown Sports Teams?  


  1. Baaaaaaaaaaaaah, what a perfectly fun trip. I don't know one boy who wouldn't have loved the sumo wrestling on the field (and probably my girl would too, lolol)!!! I love the pics ,and the salute is precious. :)

  2. Such fun you guys are having! I still love the sumo shots!

  3. That's SOOOO awesome!!!! Talk about a memory to last a lifetime!

  4. Wow that does look like a fun trip! Everything boys love :)


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