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As I mentioned, I had a great time at the AmericasMart Market ... 
I learned about so many products and I am so glad to get to share some of my findings with you!!!

One that I learned of?
The Chilly Pad.  

I will tell you now, I have seen this in different stores and I have thought about buying it.. But something kept telling me not to ... 
Then, my mom had a wise idea about a product she wanted to help her stay cool when she sleeps... so, I bought it for her as a mothers day gift and nope... It did not work...  So, I was not about to strike out again with another cooling product that was just a joke... 
(This is now 2 products for my mom that didn't work... Was this going to be number 3? )  

Luckily for me, I was able to get a Chilly Pad for review!  

Well, actually Marc is using it and I will be purchasing a new one for myself!!!

 The chilly pad is basically this really cool towel... but not a towel at all.. 

When I first opened it, I thought they had packaged it wet, as it felt that way..but then I noticed that it was not wet at all...  Hmmm... on to something already.  
With the Chilly Pad, you just pour water onto it and then that is what cools you...

How does it work?  I don't know "how" but I can tell you how to use it... 

It's very simple...  
Just pour water onto the chilly pad... wring out the water... then put it on your head or whatever is hot and it basically sucks the heat out of you...    

I honestly don't know how it works... but it did the job!!!  
I tried it first one day (I get hot easily and when I am hot, I stay hot!!)  
It was "hotter than a sinner on Sunday" in just a few minutes... 
I rinsed it in water, got the water out and applied again... 
This joker was taking the heat out of me and it was awesome!  

Marc totally being silly (I have noticed he makes these goofy faces many times in "review" photos... Not sure what that is about!)    I asked Marc to try it when he went running... He was scared to run with it... as he didn't want to lose it, but he said he used it as soon as he finished and plans to take it running with him each time now!  How awesome? He just used some of the water from a bottle of water in the car!  

Back when I used to work in the sports bar, we had NO AIR CONDITIONING... It was miserable... (Long story for another day)  but I tell you what.. we used to take the linen napkins and run them under water... then place them in the freezer and wait till they froze to place on our necks... This would have been faster, easier and looked so much better!!!

If you are one that gets hot easily.. 
Or if you are into sports, I say check out Chilly Pad... 
They have so much more than just this pad... (You can even cut this to different sizes if need be!)  
Take a look and you too will be impressed!  

Finally!  A cooling product that works for us!!!!
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  1. That looks sweet! Mica and Travis are head sweaters. This would be great for them.

  2. I bet my husband would like it at work, or he would have in the summer. It cooled here and is now downright chilly. I think we had two weeks of hot. Period (all summer). Highly unusual (our weather, not the chilly pad :) ).

    I like that you can cut these to the size you like.

  3. Very interesting. My daughter is ALWAYS hot in the summer and sweats a lot. We love to be outdoors and go hiking, camping, etc. I'd love to get her one of these!

  4. Oh my gosh I so need one of these.I'm going through menopause and when I get hot flashes it's terrible. I had chemo a couple years ago so that's another thing that makes me sweat.I'm definitely going to look into this for me and my sister.Thank you so much for sharing :)

  5. I've heard of Chilly Pads, but have not tried them and don't know anyone who has. I'll definitely consider them after reading this review.

  6. What a fabulous idea! I have not heard of these but I'm going to check them out. My mom is 71 years old & still push mows all the grass at the little estate she lives in. This is just what she needs!


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