Have a Minute? #HopeforSteve

Hope that the new year has been treating you all great.
I have been thinking about many things lately and I felt that I needed to write this.
While I am sitting around wishing for the funds to take Marc and the boys on a memorable vacation...
A friend of mine has a much more meaningful wish and although I can not grant it, I can surely use my blog as a platform to try and help them achieve the wish.
I hope you will help me out...
If you have a blog, facebook, twitter... any social media way to share the story of Hope and Steve, I really would appreciate it.

Let me give you a quick run down...
Don't quote me on it, but this is pretty much it...

Back in my working days, I had a young girl from Pennsylvania and her roommate start working for me.
They both we awesome, but I am going to focus on Hope for this post...
She has a heart of gold and really is a great person.
Fast forward to today... Long gone are the days of working together, but we still "keep in touch" through facebook.  During the past few years, she met a wonderful man...  Steve.  
They started dating....  and he was diagnosed with ALS. (AKA - Lou Gehrig's Disease)
He asked Hope to marry him (they had only been dating for like 6 months) and she said yes... 

I hate to say that I have yet to meet this wonderful man, but I will one day!!!
Just seeing their pictures and how happy they make one another...
They are good people.
(It doesn't hurt that he is a UGA BULLDOG Fan! Ha ha ha!)

***** All Photos taken from the Hope 4 Steve Facebook Page - with permission. *****

Hope and Steve on their wedding day:

The lovely couple on a benefit walk:

I believe this is Savannah.
Just look at how happy they always are!

You can purchase shirts and bracelets with proceeds going to help with medical expenses.  
Visit the HopeforSteve Website to donate.

Doing as much as they can... Not letting ALS take everything from them, they decided to travel and mark off their bucket list.  This is them in New York.

As I said, no matter what, they truly look so happy and are so in love.  Days in the hospital aren't wanted, but they make the most out of each day they are given together.

This pulls at my heart.  This sneak peek into their unconditional love makes me feel like I am watching a tender moment not really meant to be shared with the world.  

Hope for Steve.
Maybe it needs to be Hope for all of us...  

Like I said, maybe I can help to make their wish come true...
Steve and Hope have been working on a documentary to spread ALS awareness...
Steve's wish is to be able to see it completed before he passes...
They have started a KickStarter Site to try and make this possible...
Like I said, it doesn't have to be a monetary donation, but if you could spread the word, it would really mean so very much to me.

I am blessed to know them and get to see them on my facebook feed... I just think more people need an impact such as this in their life.  Could you imagine... Today - as I type this...  She is 29... He is 32... they have so much ahead of them... yet have already faced so much more than most their age will ever deal with.  

VISIT the Kickstarter Site.

Make sure to follow Hope For Steve -
Hopes Blog 



  1. It's a beautiful love story they seem to share. I've seen the video before (which is great, it means the word's a moving!), I am happy to share!!


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