Bubble Guppies Animals Everywhere

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A couple of days ago, Broxton was not really feeling great... He acted sort of out of it... and he never really asks to watch TV that much...  As soon as he got home from school, he asked if he could watch Bubble Guppies - I was so happy that we had recently been sent their newest DVD... Bubble Guppies Animals Everywhere.  Of course, I put it on for him and he sat there- zoned in to watching it (that is another thing that never really happens... He is always so busy!)   This would be a great addition for an Easter Basket or even a good go to movie for any road trips planned - think Spring Break or Summer Vacation!!!!

Bubble Guppies: Animals Everywhere! Synopses: 
Puppy Love!Bubble Puppy’s got a cold! While the vet takes care of him, the Guppies spend their day thinking about dogs – and how to get Bubble Puppy feeling better too!
Ducks in a Row!Join the Bubble Guppies' marching band, discover different musical instruments and help Nonny figure out how to lead it when a duck blocks the way!
Boy Meets Squirrel!A friendly squirrel gives Nonny an acorn that will someday grow into a tree!  Join the Bubble Guppies as they learn all about trees and the animals who live in them.
The Lonely RhinoMeet Monty – the loneliest (and only-est) rhino in the zoo. He needs a friend and the Guppies are determined to help while learning all about animal habitats!
The Elephant Trunk-A-Dunk!Gil’s searching for elephants, and he and the Guppies find them at the Trunk-A-Dunk, a basketball game played by pachyderms, including the littlest elephant, Pinochle!
The Arctic Life!Brrrr! The Guppies get a cool treat when they explore the animals that live in the Arctic. Join them as well as Gil's icy expedition to the North Pole!


  1. Ha, everytime I read the name I sing the theme song. :)


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