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I don't know about you - but if you enter a house that smells good, you just get this extra Welcome feel to the place.  I know that whenever I go home, I notice that my mom has this certain scent to the house... It is a welcome scent and it always makes me smile... 
Well, our house never has the same scent - except for when Marc decides he wants candles- then it is the same scent.... but for me, I like to rotate the smells and I have been totally in love with the Air Wick Line.  
We have been having the National Parks collection. I admit, I am a bit obsessed with them.  They just ALL smell so good!!!! 
Recently, I was informed that they had decided to release a "familiar favorites"  collection and oh my.  Talk about a tough choice.  They have snuggle fresh linen, baby magic clean baby and cinnabon classic cinnamon rolls.  I hate to say it, but I am not really a big fan of the food scents - just because it triggers a craving for me to want it...  I know. sorry excuse!  But at least I am honest!!! 
I was so excited to get Snuggle and Baby Magic for review. We have the Automatic Sprays in several rooms and then the scented oil warmers in others.  I love the Automatic Sprays and I have been happily enjoying these new scents... Maybe even a bit too much - as I have noticed a huge smile whenever my nose catches a whiff of either one of them!  
Image from Air Wick Site
Come home to the warm, comforting aroma of world famous cinnamon rolls. It's the irresistible smell of freshly baked dough, one-of-a-kind cinnamon and cream cheese frosting that makes Cinnabon cinnamon rolls so unforgettable. Now, you can enjoy that sweet scent whenever you want, every day.
Image from Air Wick Site
New moms describe the first few months with their baby as a "shining golden moment" in their lives. One of the things they remember most is the deep bond formed while bathing them with Baby Magic®. Enjoy one of the most powerful "memory scents" - the comforting scent of a clean baby.
Image from Air Wick Site
There's nothing as comforting as the familiar smell of fresh laundry, especially when it has Snuggle® softness and freshness. When the scent of clean laundry, sunshine and pure white flowers blend together, your home will have the freshness you love.

With Spring Cleaning time here, why not change up the scent that describes your home? Which one would you pick?  What would  you suggest for a new Familiar Scent if they decided to make more?


  1. Ohh, Snuggle for me all.the.way!!! I'm going to look for it. I like to switch up scents like you mentioned too. Hubby could care less...though he does like the smell of dinner cooking. ;)

  2. Oh man I love airwick! I have one of the automatic sprays in my dorm room and boy does it make a difference. It'd be interesting to try the snuggle scent. My mom used to spray my linen with it when I was a kid so I've always loved that smell. Chocolate Chip cookies would be an interesting one. You know, like grandma used to make lol.

  3. I'd pick Cinnabon. I bet they smell gooood!

  4. I would definitely choose the cinnamon scent! There's nothing like baking a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls and how it makes the entire house smell so yummy!


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