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If you have a little one and you are not familiar with Paw Patrol,  you just might be missing out!!!   Broxton started mentioning he wanted to watch Paw Patrol and I had NO CLUE what he was talking about - I finally searched and found out it was a new show coming on Nickelodeon back in August... Of course, we had the premier scheduled to watch and from that moment on - we have been in love with Ryder and the Pups!   We have seen every episode numerous times... and we still enjoy watching to see what is going to happen - and you can bet, if Mayor Goodway is in there, a crazy mishap is bound to happen!   

So- what exactly IS Paw Patrol?  
Their explanation : "   The series, produced and owned by Spin Master Entertainment, follows the adventures of six heroic rescue pups and a tech-savvy boy who work hard to show the people of Adventure Bay that “no job is too big, no pup is too small!” The series features a curriculum that focuses on citizenship, social skills, and problem-solving. "  
My explanation :It is a great cartoon that takes us with a boy named Ryder and his group of pups that go around "saving" Adventure Bay!   Each of the pups has certain jobs they can do to help out and Broxton loves Marshall, the fire pup, I love Sky the cute little girl dog that flies!    Well - if you love Paw Patrol (or if you have never heard of it and want to grab a great DVD for your little ones...  )  They have announced a release date of May 13th for Paw Patrol on DVD.  "

PAW Patrol Episode Synopses:
Pups Save the Sea Turtles / Pups and the Very Big Baby
Ryder, Chase, and Rubble hatch a plan to help sea turtle hatchlings safely cross the road to get to the beach! / There’s a beached baby whale in Adventure Bay! Can thePAW Patrol work together to reunite it with its mother?
Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe / Pups Save a Train         
Ryder and the PAW Patrol rescue a lost kitty from the bay, but who will save them from all the mayhem she causes? / Ryder, Rubble, and Rocky call in Chase to help the free Katie and Cali’s train from a rockslide!
Pup Pup Boogie / Pups in a Fog       
The PAW Patrol must work quickly to fix the tracks and remove a train car at the Adventure Bay Train Station, before the next train comes. / Ryder and the PAW Patrolbattle the clock to fix the lighthouse.
Pup Pup Goose / Pup Pup and Away
Marshal gets a new BFF when a gosling he names “Fuzzy” takes a liking to him. / When Mayor Goodway accidentally takes off in a hot air balloon, Ryder and the PAWPatrol must make a dramatic rescue to save her and win the race!
Pups Save the Circus / Pup a Doodle Do
Ryder gets a call from the Circus ringmaster – Ellie the baby elephant has escaped from the circus train! / Mayor Goodway’s purse chicken “Chickaletta” has gone missing.  Ryder and the PAW Patrol search Adventure bay.

Broxton loves this show so much that we have discussions with a buddy of his on his baseball team - he is a big fan too!!!!  When our Paw Patrol DVD showed up, he had to invite his buddy over to watch it at our house, since he didn't have it yet.  Gotta love kids!!!!
The thing I love the most?  Marshall says " Do your best and forget about the rest."  That is now our motto here for Broxton...   and I love that he remembers this phrase!!!!

We were very happy with the release of this on DVD, but I did wish that they had a "never before seen on tv" episode or something, since we have watched these a million times.  Broxton was excited thinking it was a Paw Patrol movie- so maybe they can do that next?  Like I said, we were happy - but if you have seen all the episodes a million times like we have, it does have you wanting more.  (But it is great to have available whenever you want to watch!)  


  1. My son loves this show, especially Marshall

  2. It's funny when the kids keep us in the know for what's current, hahaha

    Same thing happens here from time to time. :)

  3. That looks like a fun show. I know Isaak would love it.


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