Friendships Are So Very Important #GuessHowMuchILoveYou

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With school getting ready to start back up... and Broxton going to a new school-- with totally new classmates, this should be interesting.  It seems like just the other day he was going for his first day of preschool and look where we are now... Looking back through the years, I love that I have been able to see him learn and grow and one important thing through this has been the friendships he has made...

When he was born, we were given the book "Guess How Much I Love You" and I loved it...
Now, as he gets older, we get to snuggle together and watch the books characters come to life on the screen.  Yes, we get to snuggle and see Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare and the love they share... If you are not familiar with Guess How Much I Love You... Head to the store and get familiar now!  


From the importance of friendship to embracing differences in one another, young home viewers will learn valuable life lessons -- and have fun doing it - in the whimsical, all-new DVD from Entertainment One, GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU: FRIENDSHIP ADVENTURES. 

Across seven charming, colorfully-animated episodes inspired by Sam McBratney's best-selling book and produced by Australia's SLR Productions, join Little Nutbrown hare, his father and all his forest friends - fun-loving Field Mouse, mischievous Little Grey Squirrl, tricky Little Redwood Fox and Little White Owl -- as they explore thegrassy fields, mossy forests, lazy rivers and sunny green valleys all around them.  Episodes, which can also be seen on Disney Junior, include "Favorite Thing", "Fly Away Home", "Follow Me", "IPromise", "All Fall Down", "New Friend" and "Leaf Shade".

Are you familiar with Guess How Much I Love You?


  1. My son has this book. His aunt gave it to him when he was born because it was her kiddos fave when they were little. :)

  2. I just typed a comment, and it disappeared. We had 2 of the books, and 1 little rabbit. The boys loved the rabbit because it was their only stuffed animal they could hold at first. It was small and fit in their fingers. I just bought my nephew Edison a little rabbit to.

    I've never seen the DVD. It looks fun.


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