Kidz Bop 27 --- on CONSTANT PLAY in the car

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You know you have a kid that loves music when he sees the commercial for Kidz Bop and immediately starts asking you for the cd.  That is what happens to us whenever they release a new one!  I actually enjoy it, because the music is sung BY KIDS - FOR KIDS, so I don't have to worry about any issues with profanity!
The latest Kidz Bop has been on constant play in the car since it arrived in the mail!  He loves it and well, after a million times of hearing the same song, I just end up tuning it all out!  

The songs on Volume 27:
 Shake it Off
All About that Bass
Boom Clap
Am I Wrong
Really Don't Care
Break Free
Cool Kids
Rather Be
Say Something

The thing is, he loves it so much (and truthfully, I love watching him sing and dance as he sings the songs, not knowing that I am watching him) but now  he has even bigger "dreams" ---  He has decided that he wants to go to a Kidz Bop show... and MEET the KIDZ that sing all the songs!  I don't know how or where that wish came from, but it is all he talks about now!  
If you have a music lover in your house, look at grabbing the newest cd!  This would also make a great gift for any teacher that might play music in the class from time to time!  I was thinking about giving a copy to the PE coach at school, since I noticed he does play music when they are doing their exercises some days!  Maybe you could buy a few CD's and donate them to your local PTA, that would be a great item to have on hand for any PTA functions!   Talk about a great way to know that they aren't hearing songs that have the wrong words in there!  


  1. I like Kidz Bop. I didn't initially but my son likes it so much that it grew on me, and now I'm rather fond of it. :) You're a blogger...maybe you could make that Kidz Bop thing HAPPEN. :) :) :) Just a suggestion. :)

  2. I think we have one of their CDs laying around.


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