Homeless Animal House?

We seem to have scrap wood laying around here from time to time.  I honestly don't know where some of it comes from, but a few months ago, Broxton set out to build a "homeless animal house" for our outdoor friends.  He simply placed pieces of wood together, sort of like a house of cards and then put in a few leaves and acorns.  This boy of mine, I tell you.. He has my heart! 
Well, about a week ago, he got in his head he wanted to BUILD a bird house, from that wood.  So, he asked daddy to help him out.  Daddy ended up building the house and Broxton got to paint it.  I tell you, it is the little things in life, don't forget it!  The house was built, the house was painted, he knew where he wanted to put it and the next day when he was at school, daddy surprised him and put it up.  Sure enough, as soon as we got home, Broxton noticed... Not only the birdhouse was out and ready, but we already had birds going in there to check it out!  
Talk about excitement! 

 The birdhouse daddy built.  A two story high rise :)  We are getting fancy here! 

Broxton was so excited to get to paint it.  He wanted to paint it all sorts of colors, but then decided white would be best! 

My sweet boy working on painting his new birdhouse. 
So, what did you do over Spring Break? 


  1. We have a two-story birdhouse so similar! Yours is better though because you made it. And yep, it's def. the little things. :)

  2. Great job Broxton! I love when you do family posts :-) How are you feeling? Hope you are taking some time to rest ;-) Take Care!


  3. Very sweet! And I have to ask.....what is that LSU thing in the background!!????

  4. That's so sweet! I'm glad birds are already hanging out in it. :)


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