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In an effort to keep you as readers of my blog, I have decided not to show you just how bad my feet had gotten over the summer.  (No need to thank me, just trying to be polite.)  For the longest time, I would never go get a pedicure, I think I got my first one when I was in my twenties actually.  Now, I love to get them, but to be honest, sometimes we just don't have the time or money to go getting them done at a salon.  My main problem is that I have the driest of feet and that my heels get dry and crack and are just nasty.  (Being honest here.) 
Some time ago, we purchased the Ped Egg and I have that on standby when my heels get really bad.  I was recently given the chance to review the Ped Egg Power and being pregnant, if it something to simplify things for me, I am all about it right now!  When it came, I opened the package and went to use it.  Except I did not read that batteries were not included.  It says it on the packaging, right on the front, I just did not see it. Keep that in mind when you purchase one! 

Once you have the batteries in there, you just push the button up and get to working on making those rough heels smooth again.  As I mentioned, my heels get really bad, to the point that they crack and that they are rough to touch at all. I knew it was time to get the Ped Egg Power out to let it do its magic.   You push the button up and automatically the little area starts to spin. It isn't super fast to be dangerous, but it is fast enough to get to working on those rough spots.  (Think Sandpaper for your feet)   I know with some people they don't like the products that have the actual metal blades (like they use at salons) so this would be perfect for you.  I did notice that it was working on smoothing my heels out as soon as I started using it, but to be honest, I did not see much difference when I used the smoothing head (purple one) , I did notice a difference with the Ped Egg head (blue one) .
I like super fast results, so I think that this is a product that needs to be used as soon as they start to get rough, don't wait as long as I did, as it does take longer to get the end results that you want. 
I even saw that some people use it to smooth out the rough spots on their hands! 
With people doing yard work all the time, this would be great to have to help out once finished! 
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  1. I'd like to try this out! My feet are super flat. I have big time callouses. I hate them! Anyhow I could use this so bad.

  2. I get rough dry feet in the winter too. The kids don't. I wonder if they will when they get older.

  3. I'd love to try this, I would like to treat myself for a change and pamper my tootsies. And also look nice in sandals!


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