Great books from @disneyhyperion for #SummerReading

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School is about to start here, but that doesn't mean that the reading has to end.  I know that kids have a good amount of school work, but lucky for us, some of it includes nightly reading.  When I was growing up, my Nana would make me read the newspaper to her, she said it would help with my reading and my vocabulary.  I did it, but I know I would have had more fun reading books that were filled with characters I loved too!!! (She did take me to the library all the time, so no worries, I had fun reading material too!)  Anyways, I wanted to share a few new books from Disney Publishing.  If you don't want to add to your home library, think about buying a couple and donating them to your local school, the kids will love you for it!!!!

Age 6-8
Join Anna and Elsa as they discover a mysterious mountain monster, have a royal sleepover, babysit the trolls, and more! With 12 Frozen stories that can each be read in 5 minutes, this padded storybook is the perfect fit for bedtime, storytime, or anytime!

Age 3-5
Take Cinderella’s puppy, Pumpkin, on the go with the new Palace Pets Touch-and-Feel Purse Book. This exciting new format is sure to become every young girl’s favorite accessory.

Age 3-5
During a game of hide-and-seek, Stuffy finds an adorable rollie toy named Squibbles. Squibbles follows Stuffy everywhere -around the park, in the clinic, and, worst of all, in all of Stuffy’s awesome hiding places! Everyone thinks Squibbles is adorable, but Stuffy thinks the little fuzzball is a huge pest! It’s up to Doc and Stuffy to find Squibble’s owner, but after spending time with the fun little toy, will Stuffy be able to give him up? Join Doc and her toys in their adventures in this special hardcover storybook with colorful illustrations.


  1. My Mom read to me when I was growing up and she loved reading books, and got me to love reading at an early age, and I read all the time now. My son loves to read because I got him to read at an early age. I also think these are such cute books to have on hand to read to your child!

  2. These books look so cute! I love books with beautiful illustrations.

  3. These are really nice! Growing up, my aunt would have me read the newspaper to her while she ironed. My sister would take me to the library, too, but there weren't nicey new and prime pickin's like these!!!

  4. I love the idea of the 5 minute stories, that way bedtime reading doesn't go on too long! ;)

  5. You'll have to hang onto some of these books for your youngest. I bet she'll love being read to. :)

  6. These look like great books to add to my nieces book collection, she would love these.


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