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School is back in for most people, that or it is starting really soon.  So, how do you go?  Some people are on the go all day long, from sun up to sun down with little time to rest and enjoy.  Most people are busy and always on the go and you don't even have to have kids to have a hectic schedule.  
Recently, LALA Greek Yogurt introduced their Smoothies and with the three flavors being Strawberry, Peach and Mango, I am sure everyone can find a flavor they enjoy!  
We were sent all three to try and while I am a fan of the peach, Broxton quickly grabbed the strawberry one for his own.  It was a great addition to his breakfast on the go the other morning and it was a way to ensure he got plenty of protein in him before a hard day at school!  

So, how do we go???   
Well, with the big first grader having to help with his sister every morning before he can go to school (his decision, not mine) our mornings can be a bit rushed from time to time.  On the morning we are hurried, I can count on him enjoying the LALA Smoothie and even on occasions we can use it as an after school snack if we have a busy afternoon!    
While LALA Smoothies are great to go, it is nice to slow down a minute from time to time and enjoy the sweet treat!   It has a great consistency and an awesome flavor!  

Right now, there is a coupon for the LALA Smoothies, so head on over to their site and grab a coupon, what better excuse to try their new product?
Let me know what flavor you enjoyed the most!   


  1. My DIL makes a smoothie for my granddaughter every morning. It's their mommy and me time, and they love it. I'll tell her about these!

  2. We make a smoothie each morning, so I know I'd love these. I'd like mango, but really any of the flavors would work for me.

  3. I love to have them in the afternoon..especially during hot days :)

  4. I voted for yours. I hope you win. I like the one with the roller skates to.


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