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Pretty much all children are back into the routine of school days.  I am pretty sure you all bought all the items on the supply list, but if you are like me, you wonder why they need all they do.  I saw where one teacher requested 40 glue sticks.  I am really hoping she meant to put 4 and it was an error, but that was not our school, so I will never know.  On our list we had pretty basic things... Items like 4 notebooks, 6 glue sticks, 3 boxes of crayons.  I know at our school they do the "community " piles with all of the supplies.  I will admit, I am not really a fan of that, but I have no say in it.  If I am buying Crayola Brand, I don't want my son to end up with a knock off brand.  It isn't fair for him to suffer on quality because someone else bought a cheap brand.  I was happy to see that most teachers put actual CRAYOLA CRAYONS on their list, as it makes me see that they notice the difference too! 
I have heard that many parents now send in part of the supply list now, as they were tired of teachers sending home a note halfway through the year saying they need more school supplies.  IS THIS SOMETHING YOU DO?  They said if they are requested to send in 3 boxes of crayons, they will send in one now, one 3 months later and then another 3 months after that.  I know we just send it all in now, but we do keep a small stash of supplies at home.  That way, we are prepared if something is needed for a homework assignment, or if they want to do an arts and crafts project.  The other day, Broxton mentioned that he had lost his brown crayon and wanted to take one in, since he knew we had plenty, he could grab what he needed.  I love that!!!  
Image Credit - Crayola 

We were sent a great array of products from Crayola and we have been using many of them already!

Image Credit - Crayola - 
Up first, the Ultra Clean Washable Markers.  As soon as Broxton saw these, he was excited to take them in for his teacher. She made a "wish list" for items the class would like to have, but they were items that were not not on the supply list.  
Image Credit - Crayola 
The item I really like was new to me.  It was the Twistables Colored Pencils. I enjoyed using these for myself.  (Hey, don't judge that I love to color still!)  These were great for us to take on a road trip the other day.  Broxton was able to color on the way at it was mess free!  
Image Credit - Crayola 
The other?  Visi-Max Dry Erase Markers!  We use dry erase from time to time at home, but I know they use them pretty much daily at school. I really like that they have such a wide variety of colors, so this would be a great addition to a teacher gift bag / basket.  

Being that this was from Crayola, you know we were sent crayons.  I know many parents will be happy to know that they were crayola washable crayons!  I don't know about your house, but when Broxton was younger, he decided he wanted to do something special for his daddy and I.  He colored on the wall to leave us a bit of artwork!  Had we of had the washable ones, it would not have taken me scrubbing forever to clean it up.

A few reasons why you should buy Crayola Brand: 

Value: Crayola products are a true value—a reasonable price for school supplies that are long lasting, durable and provide consistently vibrant colors. Crayola Crayons even last 35% longer – meaning that parents get more value per crayon. Each one can cover an additional six pages than non-Crayola brands!

Quality: With best-in class quality, it’s no wonder that Crayola is the preferred brand of teachers!  In addition to Crayons which last longer, Crayola Washable Markers don’t stain clothes (or desks!) so children can get creative without worrying about the mess and Crayola Colored Pencils are great for drawing precise lines and are easily erasable, just to name a few.

Safety: Crayola follows the most stringent safety requirements.  All products are non-toxic, and the brand takes extreme measures to produce the safest products with hourly product checks, and testing with world-class, cutting edge equipment.


  1. Ya we love Crayola. No other brand has ever been able to out-do them. They rule.

  2. I love Crayola too. And oh my goooooooooooooooooooooodness, to the school supply lists. My son's school wanted 10 glue sticks and about $100 worth of other supplies too. He's in the 2nd grade. -_-


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