Fun at Home With Fantastic 4 Activities #FantasticInsiders

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Being part of the Fox Home Ent. Insiders group, we get pretty cool things from time to time to go along with the movies we are reviewing.  This time, we were sent a great box full of fun things to do over Christmas break. 
Box full of fun activities.
Up first? The invisible ink pen.  
***  He asked if I used it if I would become invisible. Don't know if it was for the cool factor having me invisible, or if he was hoping to get rid of me.  I was scared to ask!  

We have now been enjoying making SLIME!!!  Did you know if you switch the M and the L you get SMILE???  Yep,.. that is what we have been doing. Laughing and smiling A LOT!!!! 
We tried this first, but did not have much luck...  
ended up moving on to another form of slime!   
 Messes are not a strong point for either of us, so it took a minute to get used to making slime... 
 but we did it!!!
 I don't know when we have laughed so hard, but this activity sure had plenty of them... 
Want a laugh too??
We were carried away in the excitement and didn't think about the food color messing up our hands.
We look like relatives of the smurfs!!!!  
We still have two more activities left, so stay tuned... 

Make sure you enter the giveaway for the movie coming out in just a bit.  
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  1. The Smurf photo cracked me up. I thought about Smurfs to.


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