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When Broxton was born, I was a first time mom trying to figure things out while my husband was off fighting in a war.  I was lucky to have my parents to help me, but lets be real... Things change so much from day to day, did I really expect them to have ALL the answers when their "baby" (my brother) was approaching his twenties?  I think I did pretty good, but that doesn't mean I know it all now for Savannah.  
I know with Broxton I waited for the doctor to tell me to do most things. Not everything, but introducing foods and the sippy cup were most certainly waited for.  Once I was given the go ahead on baby food, I was going to let him try it all.  Hello world!!! Lots of different brands and several different menu items to try out as well.
I was lucky that he loved veggies and we still don't have a hard time getting him to eat them.  (He even requests me to send in salad for his lunch some days at school! Yes!!!)  One thing I did notice was when I decided to try the organic route with him, it was a bit difficult.  He was NOT a fan... and that stuff is expensive.  Talk about wasting my money. I stocked up one trip and after numerous tries with much crying, we gave up organic on him.  

Enter Savannah.  I figured I was not even going to attempt to try the organic baby foods, as I knew it was a waste with her brother.  That was until I was sent a great selection of the organic baby food line from Sprouts Farmers Market.  

First up, I want you to read one section of the email I received about their baby line:

Healthy beginnings can lead to bright futures. That’s why you’ll find baby food that nourishes and meets quality standards from your trusted Sprouts Brand. From sweet potato to tropical mango, it’s easy to give your little ones balanced nutrition with tastiness to boot. You can find eight varieties as you stroll through the aisle—all organic and for the everyday low price of 79¢ each.

Our buyers go to great lengths to ensure the most wholesome products for all of our shoppers--including our tiniest ones. Sprouts Brand baby food is packed in Central California, in the midst of fresh fruit and vegetable growers. Find comfort knowing that every spoonful is packed with wholesome ingredients and nutrients to support a happy, healthy baby.

Building a promising future for your little ones is important. By taking eco-friendly steps to make our packaging 100% recyclable, we do our part in creating a healthy place to live and grow.

Choose from these eight organic flavors:
·         Spinach & Sweet Potato
·         Sweet Potato
·         Tropical Mango
·         Pear
·         Carrots
·         Applesauce
·         Apple Mango
·         Apple Banana

Second thing I want to tell you?
If you didn't have yummy food, you would not get such cute pictures!   

She decided she wanted to help me feed her this time around. 
I wish I would have gotten a picture of her eating her favorite, that would be spinach and sweet potato if you were wondering.  I have been so happy with the line from Sprout.  She enjoys every flavor that they have and they are organic!!! Yay for me!!!  I do hope that they expand their baby food line to increase more options. At the very affordable price, I know that many people will be happy knowing they can stock up on food for the whole family while at Sprouts!

When you have healthy foods going in, you have happy babies!   
Thanks to Sprouts, I can make sure she's eating great and not have to worry about breaking the bank to do so!  


  1. She can't be old enough to be eating already! Wasn't she just born? Time slips by fast in the baby world.

    I always liked giving my babies new foods to try. The expressions were funny!


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