Evenflo Sip N Seek Adventures

When you have children, you get to experience things all over again as far as the joy and amazement of everyday things.  Having Broxton (age 7) and now Savannah (age 8 months) I get to see so much wonder in their eyes and it is amazing watching both of them with all that life brings us.  It is especially wonderful to watch the big brother share his excitement with his little sister, I really lucked out with how great he is with her!!!  
Another adventure in the land of parenthood?  (I know many parents can relate to this one!) SIPPY CUPS. You have to find the perfect one.  The child has to like it and it has to serve many functions...  top two? One, it has to work for YOUR child to use... and two, it CAN NOT LEAK!!!!  
We were thankful to have been given an opportunity from Evenflo to take their new sip n seek cup on an adventure and we took them up on the challenge!   
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Evenflo®  TripleFlo™ Sip & Seek ™ Cup
10 fluid ounce 1 pack; SRP: $4.99 at Babies‘R’Us, Meijer and HEB
10 fluid ounce 2 pack; SRP: $9.99 at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and Target.com

·         BPA-Free Polypro Cup with twist-on lid
·         Cups feature colorful characters that appear and disappear with the twist of the cup’s outer wall
·         Cup designs feature a dinosaur, mermaid, unicorns or space theme
·         Three adjustable TripleFlo™ rates for stage-based drinking that can be changed by rotation of the valve
o   Slow, medium and fast + closed off
o   “Close-off” position makes cup leak-free – perfect for on-the-go
·         Insulated double wall keeps drinks cooler for longer
·         Cup can be fully disassembled for thorough cleaning
·         Dishwasher-safe

We tried one time to take the cup to the aquarium, but her current stroller doesn't have anywhere to put a cup, so she was frustrated and kept dropping it.  We then were able to go to the Indian Festival back home (more on that later, stay tuned... good times!) and finally snapped a few photos! What age did you introduce the sippy cup to your kids?  I don't remember what age we started with Broxton, but I do know he was strong willed and refused to take it.  I don't remember what age he finally decided to go for it, but it was later than sooner.  This time around I figured we would start her off sooner and see if we had any luck. We have several sippy cups in the house (gifts and what not) so we started around 5-6 months. As of now, she still doesn't drink out of them often,but she does try and gets frustrated when you take it from her if she isn't ready to give it up.    
We headed to the Indian Festival at the Zoo back home.  Evenflo Sip N Seek in hand, ready to go!  I love that it is not just a cup but with the sip n seek design, we can use it to play "peek a boo!" as well.  Another plus?  It holds 10 ounces, so it will last for a while!
Mental note, make sure to grab one of those things you can wrap around the cup so if it falls, it doesn't hit the ground. As we all know, life with a child is not always smiles, this was the result of the cup falling and her not being able to get it fast enough.  No worries, she calmed down once the cup was back in her hands for a few minutes!  
We had to throw the cup in the back of the stroller when we were on the move.  I did not notice any leakage, so I was impressed with that!!!

I have a few more adventures to share, so let me know if you spot evenflo in  any of those pictures!!!

Thanks to evenflo for the opportunity to make these memories!!!


  1. I didn't know Evenflo made cups! That's a go-to brand for me, so if I saw one, it'd be in my cart fast!! Look at the picture of her tearing up over losing hers, awww. I remember those days. :)

  2. It's a cute cup. I remember the days were my kids threw everything to the ground on accident.

  3. Those are cute.
    I remember trying to find the right cup for then my kids were little babies!


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