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Do you coupon?  If you do (more so if you don't) let me introduce you to Groupon Coupon. Have you heard?  I haven't until now and I am thankful for it.   I tried to coupon, it did not work for me.  Having to go get a paper, cut the coupons and then remember to not only take them, but also USE them at the store just seemed to put me in a frazzled state of mind, so after a few attempts, I decided saving that $5 was just not worth my sanity.  That was before I learned of Groupon Coupons.  Talk about an easy way to save money... and its FREE to use!  Keep reading to learn more!  
The day my dad actually used Groupon Coupons, was the best day ever!  

Recently, my dad was headed to go buy new khakis.  He is very set in his ways and is not one to use a coupon.  I knew this, so I headed over to the site, typed in JCPenney and then sent a screen shot of the offer that was going on that day. Let me just tell you, he later sent me a shot of his receipt... he ACTUALLY used it and saved a good amount of money.  It really is that easy! 
Save money with Groupon Coupons and you can spend more time making memories!  

As a mom, I love knowing that I can shop in the store or online and quickly access coupons that will help save me money.  Saving money is a big draw, the ease of using it comes in a close second!   I am always looking for great deals. (That's what you do when your baby girl is baby number 6 for your husband!!!!  Christmas can get expensive!) I am always looking to save here and there and you can too.  As you save money with Groupon Coupons at places like Advance Auto Parts, you can plan to do more over the summer!!!   As I said, I am always looking for deals!   Not just for Christmas, but in every day occasions too!  Any event coming up you want to save for?  Take a look, you will be surprised!   Fathers Day is almost here, so you might be looking for that great gift, look at places like Zoro Tools.  Know a recent graduate?  Shutterfly would make a great keepsake gift of their senior year!  

Have you used Groupon Coupons before?  Where did you shop at?  


  1. I've never heard of Groupon coupons before, I need to check them out!

  2. I need to try it. I just signed up, but then it acted like I didn't. I'll see if it works out.

  3. My second oldest LOVES Groupon. And look at the kids looking so much like each other. So cute!!


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