What exactly is NORMAL?

Just because school is slowly coming to an end, that doesn't mean that we will be ending the reading that we do daily.  Let me back up... does it seem like these last couple of weeks are going by so SLOW, or is it just that way in our house?  I don't know who has the end of the year itch worse, Broxton or the mama, because I know I am sure enough ready for summer break!   I have decided I am going to make a box of books and each day of summer break he has to read part of the book (or the whole thing, depending upon the size) before we can do other activities such as the ipad or television. It isn't meant to be school work, but more of an escape to a fun place. Reading is fun and we will make the most out of it.  One of the books that will be going in our box of books?
Normal Norman.  
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What is "normal?" That's the question an eager young scientist hopes to answer as she narrates her very first book. Unfortunately, her exceedingly"normal" subject—an orangutan named Norman—turns out to be exceptionally strange. He speaks English, sleeps in a bed, loves his stuffed toy, goes bananas over pizza, and even deep-sea dives! Oh, no: what's a "normal" scientist to do?

Brightly illustrated and brimming with silly scenes that will have young readers in hysterics, this loving look at the wackiness that makes us all special serves as a gentle reminder that "normal" can’t ever be defined.Norman and his scientist friend will encourage and inspire children to embrace their individuality and be their own “normal” selves.   

Tara Lazar lives in Basking Ridge, NJ, with her husband, two daughters, and 2,749 stuffed animals. She’s the author of The Monstore, I Thought This Was a Bear Book (both Simon & Schuster), and Little Red Gliding Hood (Random House). Tara founded Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo), an annual online writing event held on her award-winning blog at taralazar.com, which has hundreds of registered users and receives tens of thousands of blog hits.  

S.britt (AKA Stephan Britt) first developed his zeal for drawing in childhood, when he drew on anything and everything that wasn’t dripping wet. His first picture book, Over In the Hollow (Chronicle), was a Chicago Public Library Best of the Best. Stephan lives in Portland, OR. Visit him online at sbritt.com.

A reason I like the book?  It shows you that "normal' is really just a word.  There are many versions of "normal" and you should never change who YOU are to fit in!!!!!  
Side note- any suggestions for a fun name for our "Box of Books?"  That doesn't sound fun to me and I want it to be fun.  Maybe a world of discovery or something?  No names like Frank or Joe.  I need a fun title / name for it!  
Do you have your children read over the summer break?


  1. I need to find out a way to keep Isaak on a system. Right now he reads a book a day during the school week. I've got to keep that going. He has a slip that he fills out if the book is just right, too hard, or too easy. Then a spot where a parent asks questions. We have to sign off on it. He thinks of it like homework. I want to start harder books, but he won't get through 1 a day then. I'm still trying to figure it out where he thinks of it as something he has to do. Mica's no problem.

  2. This is a very interesting concept for a book, and I love it, because it is much more abstract than animals or nature, yet it is something that kids can relate to, even when young!!! I need to get this book for gifts!

  3. Your box of books is really a TREASURE BOX, is it not???

    Thank you for the lovely review.

  4. I know I'm ready for summer... just need a few days to sleep in after all this moving, lol. Slowly getting settled in. Have a great day, hope all is well.


  5. My dad and I were always labeled as being the different ones in our family by my aunts on my mom's side. I thought it was funny when two of them put up on facebook something that said, "My nieces get their weirdness from their aunt." I was like, "Really!?"

    We just signed up for 2 reading clubs this weekend. We grabbed the paper at Barnes and Noble and signed up at the library.

  6. We're doing day camp this year. First time ever for my son. Definitely not normal. But we're all excited. :)


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