Zero Sugar and Zero Sugar - Xyience Energy Drink

Energy drinks normally taste pretty nasty... or they are okay but make me either not feel much of anything, or either I get really jittery and then have a sugar crash and feel like crap.  Having a little one that is trying to adjust her own sleeping schedule at night is totally messing with my energy during the waking hours.  (We also have a 7 year old on summer break that thinks sleep is not needed at all over the summer.)  So when I read of Xyience Energy Drink, I wanted to try it out.

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We were sent a couple different xyience flavors to try and I will be honest, I was glad they sent a few different flavors, as the first was not one I would buy again.  The first up was Tangerine.  It tasted like a creamsicle, so the flavor was tasty, but more for a treat.  A bit too sweet for me in an energy drink. Weird, since it is zero sugar. Anyways, I still drank it, but again... too sweet and more of a treat drink versus one I would grab for a boost of energy. The others were more up my alley as far as the flavor and I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the ones sent to me.  
Out of the flavors I was sent, the one I enjoyed the most was the Blue Pomegranate.  So far I have noticed that I am not as tired during the day after drinking one.  Also, when I do start to get tired, its just like normal with no crashing feeling.
I noticed that you can buy the xyience online in 12 packs.  While that is great, I do wish they sold variety packs for those that like to mix things up.  
Are you a fan of energy drinks?  


  1. I should try this. I need a bit of a pick me up around 3 pm. I feel like it's nap time.

  2. I'm not a big energy drink fan. Caffeine makes my feet cramp. Is that strange?

  3. I could definitely use some extra energy. Haven't heard of this one before. Thank you for sharing!


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