Have you been to teamLab Future Park at the Mall of Georgia?

We were recently invited to go check out the TeamLab Future Park at the Mall of Georgia and we had a blast while we were there.  If you are near the area, try to plan now and go check out the exhibit, as it is not a permanent one, they are set to leave on July 31st!
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As soon as you walk in the door of the teamLab Future Park, you realize you are in for something pretty cool.  The entrance has you go behind a black out curtain, you know... sort of like what is behind the curtain for the Wizard of Oz!!!   Once you head into the darkness, you are immediately in overload and want to do it all... right then!!!!!  

You have these huge colored balls over to one side making different noises.  You have a table with these adorable little people walking around with fire and rain.  There are two huge walls with digital images on them (one is an aquarium the other is a bunch of roads... with a huge dinosaur type creature coming out that you have to fight!)  If that isn't enough for you, take a turn on the interactive hopscotch game or watch others play!  We loved it and after around 2 hours, Broxton was begging to stay but it was past bedtime for both kiddos!   
Light Ball Orchestra was a big draw for us as soon as we walked in.  They have two separate areas. One is smaller and set up for the younger children. As you touch and move the balls around they change color and also make different sounds.  I thought we would stay in there longer, I think if she was walking alone we would have, but she hasn't started that yet...  So crawling did not allow her to see everything going on...  As soon as we made our way to the hopscotch, that was where she wanted to stay.

As I said, this was her go to spot from then on.  Hopscotch for Geniuses.  The more you play, it seems like you learn more tricks.  She loved crawling up and down the aisle and she learned to hit the colors as she went.  You could work on teaching shapes and colors, or just let them play and have a great time there.  
One of my favorite area's was A Table Where Little People Live.  I am honestly not sure what it is about that one, but I just loved watching the little people.  You can move the rain to water the plants. You can bust up the big cupcake to make a bunch of little ones to feed them.  Move the clouds to make it rain and put out the fire.  It was just cute and fun to me.

Connecting! Train Block was a fun one too!  I know if you have a fan of trains, this will be your spot for a bit,. You see the blocks? You move them to make the railroads and streets and what not. 

The Sketch Aquarium / Sketch Town / Papercraft ended up being the big one for Broxton that night.  See the Jumpin Beans truck I colored? Yeah...  well Broxton colored a green jet for his first one..  do you see it below?  (On the screen)  How about you pick a paper, color it how you want and then you go scan it.  The next thing you see is YOUR CREATION on the digital screen!!!  You can color something for the aquarium and use the scanner to make it go onto that screen, or you can color something for the town and watch it come out on that screen!  
The cool thing about the town is that they have an additional bonus. You can choose to make a 3d image of it to take home!!!!!!  Tell me that is not awesome!  With both of the digital screens, they have an interactive game of sorts too!
I loved being able to take Broxton and Savannah to this!   I know I showed you pictures (and if you follow me on Instagram, I posted a few videos) but you really have no clue what to expect until you actually go and enjoy the time doing it yourself.  

I know it isn't near us to plan to do so, but this would be an AMAZING place to have a birthday party!!!  (Broxton even asked if we could have his birthday party there!)   We really did have a great time and I just think it is so neat that something like this is near us and that we were able to go and check it out!   Let me know if you go!  Remember, they are leaving July 31st, so try and go soon!  


  1. This looks like our new technology library Do Space. How fun!

  2. Fun that she loved the hopscotch. It sounds like they've done a great job with the exhibit!

  3. Oh the fun!
    My daughter would love the crafts


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