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I don't know about you, but shopping for kids can be a little stressful. At least for me it can be. Especially when you have a little one in the mix now!   I try and shop for Broxton online (or when he is not with me) and then have him try it on once we are home.  I have not done a huge amount of shopping for Savannah yet, THANK YOU BIG TIME to Previously loved items from my sister in law!   Now, we are at the stage where she is growing big time and we appear to be a season off.  That means I need to do some shopping, but I just don't enjoy it that much... I think because it is summer and hotter than Hades in some stores.  Lucky for me, I have been introduced to Wee Blessings and today I get to introduce you to them as well!

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Wee Blessing is a monthly subscription service where you have a personal stylist for your children!  I was given a chance to check it out, so let me tell you about it.
Savannah getting ready for her birthday party!  Isn't the dress that was in her WEE BLESSINGS box just too cute???

First of all, you go online and make a profile for each of your children you want to order for.
They ask things like favorite color, what hobbies they like and  any likes dislikes of clothing. (If I were ordering for Broxton, I would specify that he does not like collared shirts these days.  Also, for future ordering for Savannah, I would add that I am not a fan of onesies.)
One thing I did like?  They ask for SHIRT SIZE and PANTS SIZE.  I love that they don't just ask for size, since Broxton has never worn the same size pants and shirt at the same time and it seems Savannah is going to be the same way.  You can also pick your budget, no use in ordering this and it being out of your price range, right??? 

Then, you pay the shipping fee.  It is $9.95 and then you wait.  In hardly no time at all, you have a special box at your door with 4 outfits in there for your little one.   You can look, try them on, discuss with your children ... whatever you need to do.  (You have 7 days to decide.) Love them?  Pay the "wee blessings" price and keep them all. Hate them?  Return them, you are only out the "shipping fee" (I like to call it the charge for the personal shopper!)  for them to send them to you, there is no return fee.  Keep an eye on INSTAGRAM to see the other clothes that were in the box we were sent.
It really doesn't get much easier than that!  Still have questions?  Head on over to the Wee Blessings site to see more information!  

*** Wee Blessings is for newborns to 14 years old.  PERFECT for back to school!!!!  You could even just use them for the different seasons new wardrobe if you don't want to do monthly service.  

Please put Noelle @ Jumpin Beans Blog in the referral section, if you sign up.  I will get a free outfit for Savannah if you do :)


  1. oh wow they have adorable cute clothes! This is a good idea esp for people who don't live near stores with a large amount of kids' clothes, but also, for anyone!

  2. OMG I love that dress with the dots! If I had a little girl she'd be in dresses a lot. She looks so stinking cute!

  3. Goodness she is most adorable!!!
    I love the clothing!


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