Trudeau has a great lineup of items to make taking lunch a breeze! (Plus a recipe!)

School is in full swing here.  Lunches are packed.  Homework is completed.  Here is the thing... Broxton is not a huge fan of "sandwiches" for lunch...  He says they don't taste the same as they do at home.  We try different food idea's but it gets old (at least to me) after a while of the same things. He has decided he likes Peanut Butter sandwiches, but with classmate having severe allergies to nuts, I am not about to put anyone in danger!  We save those for home!  Broxton does love salads for lunch from time to time, but I have realized most of Broxton's lunch time is spent socializing since they can't talk and what not during the day.  (He is a social butterfly, no denying that! Gets it from me, I know!!!)
We were lucky to get a new lunch lineup of items to review.  I was excited because that meant that Marc could take his lunch in nicer looking containers.  Then, Broxton saw it all and I knew it was over.  He has already planned salad using the condiment containers.  He already has his request in for soup in the colder months for his other container.  He was actually really excited about it all and since that means I can change things up again, I was getting pretty excited too!  Read on to see the great items from the Trudeau FUEL line!  
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The iconic brown bag lunch gets a trendy makeover with this lightweight, reusable eco friendly Classic Bag. Perfectly sized to carry both food and drinks. Roll down to desired size with Velcro strip to secure shut. Tear resistant, BPA free easy to clean material.  MSRP $14.99

Snap cutlery Set includes a stainless steelfork & spoon with polypropylene handles that simply snap together to allow accessibility and safety. In Kiwi and Coconut. Dishwasher safe. MSRP $5.99
This perfect sized Condiment Set includes three different colored containers great to hold salad dressings, condiments, sauces, dips, nuts, etc. Each with a 1.5 oz. capacity. Great to manage sized meal and snack portions. Leak-proof and BPA free.  MSRP $5.99

This Stainless Steel Food Jar is a perfect vacuum insulated food container that is great for lunch, snacks or anything needed to keep either hot or cold (up to six hours). Leak proof, eco-friendly design is BPA free. Wide mouth is easy to fill, easy to eat from and easy to clean. MSRP $24.99
The 10 oz. Nectar Juice Box is a great accompaniment for beverages on the
go. Juice Box features built in straw and flip spout and is sized to fit perfectly into lunch boxes. MSRP $6.99.

Sized just right to hold single servings of favorite hot and/or cold beverages, the Double Wall Sipper Bottle features a leak-resistant, soft tip flip sprout and a non-skid base. Available in Kiwi and Raspberry. #32108908, MSRP $6.99

I am impressed with the quality and style from the FUEL line at Trudeau.  I love the lunch bag (and that will stay an item for Marc to take his lunch to work in) and it seems to be pretty roomy in there.  The lunch cutlery is awesome and will rotate from Marc and Broxton both. With Marc's work schedule, he takes a wide variety of food and that would be perfect for him to always have on hand.  The food jar might be my favorite of all.  I can pack Broxton soup and not worry about spillage.  It seems sturdy enough to be able to take an accidental drop or two (you know, when he comes in and forgets to hang his bag up, instead dropping it on the floor for me to remind that is not where it belongs!)  As I mentioned, he loves salad from time to time, so I like packing the toppings in little containers for him to add to it himself, this would be great for the cheese and croutons, as well as the dressing! Finally, the drinks. He gets to take a drink to lunch and this would be a great way to change it up and let him take something from home as a juice drink instead of the pouches all the time.  He is also allowed a water bottle during the day in class, so this is a perfect size for him!  
Make sure to check out the Trudeau site to see what all products they carry.

I saw a recipe for Taco Soup on a few friends facebook pages... I don't know who to credit the recipe with, but I did want to share with you:

Taco Soup:

2 pounds ground beef
1 medium onion

Drain and rinse 1 can of each:Pinto Beans
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Fiesta Corn

2 cans diced tomatoes
1 can rotel
1 can beef broth
1 package dry ranch mix
1 package of taco seasoning mix

2 pounds ground beef
1 medium onion

Add all together, bring to a boil, then serve. 

I think I will be trying this for one of Broxton's lunches.  (Besides the potato soup he has already requested.)  I can add cheese, tortilla strips, sour cream in the condiment containers if he wants toppings.  

What is something you pack for lunch for your family?


  1. Travis and I bring a lunch of whatever we had the night before. That includes lots of things.

    The boys don't ever want cold lunch it seems. Mica did at first in Kindergarten all the time. Then after that it was hot lunch most of the time. For some odd reason the boy's school hasn't made that leap in not providing peanut butter. I'd be ok if they did. I'm an allergy queen, so I get it. Considering that they haven't, I still provide it at times. There's other kids that bring them too. If they said not to bring them I wouldn't.

    I wonder if Broxton would like it if you took a cookie cutter, and cut out a fun shape in the sandwich. Sometimes kids are more all about eating things if they are fun looking. Sounds odd, but it's pretty true. I also have my boys make their own lunchs - or be a big part of making them. They made it, they have to enjoy their own creation. Ha!

  2. Taco soup sounds good to me. I like Trudeau. I want to pick up one of those sippy bottles for the kids.

  3. I don't pack lunches anymore, but my kids are hounding me to begin again. I might.


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