Near Powder Springs, Georgia? Try Marco's Pizza

***  I reviewed for Marco's Pizza in the past. Happy to share this for all of my readers. ***

You guys... I have a deal for you!!!!
Remember back when I shared our review of Marco's Pizza in Powder Springs

Well, the owner is all about giving back to the community.  He and his wife are awesome and very hands on.  He is proud of his location (and he should be!)  As a way to say thanks, he is giving you guys something for free.  You read that right!!!

Stop in to the POWDER SPRINGS, GEORGIA location. (You can place the order for dine in or carry out, totally up to you)  While you are there, he would like to show his store off to you. That way you can see the love and dedication that goes into this location.  

Place an order for anything off of their menu and you will get an order of CHEEZY BREAD for FREE.  It is AMAZING and a great way to taste just how super their crust is!!!  Just writing this for you now, makes me want to go order a pizza and cheezy bread for dinner!
*** Note, they do offer delivery, but to get the free order of cheezy bread, you do need to go in to order.  Once you do, just show them the coupon on the bottom of this post and you will be that much closer to tasting the cheezy goodness!    ( You can save the photo to your phone if you are worried about hoping online once there.)  Make sure to LIKE Marco's on facebook! Feel free to leave them a WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD post on their wall too! Let's show them the love!!!!!

Chris (the owner) is doing this as a way to thank you for checking out a new store to the neighborhood and I get to share it as a way to thank you for following Jumpin Beans Blog!!!

What are you waiting for?
Have younger kids? This is a great place to take them for a mini field trip!  Don't have little kids?  You don't need the excuse to come have a great meal!  They seem to really be eager to be active in the community, by us dining there, it keeps the revenue local to Powder Springs!! 



  1. I like any pizza, so I'm sure I'd love this!

  2. That's nice that he's giving away the bread. We had a Marco's by us up north and I was sad when they moved to a new location. I like their pizza.


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