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I know some are big fans and others aren't so much, but let me ask you something.  Are you familiar with the Ronald McDonald House Charities?  I have heard of it and I knew it was a great thing, I really didn't know much about it, until recently.

We were invited to go and tour one of the Ronald McDonald House's in Atlanta.

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Let me give you a brief rundown of what I learned when I visited.
First of all, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) are funded in help by donors.  Individual and businesses.)
If you have a child, from birth to 18  (or 21, depends on the house) seeking medical treatment near a RMHC, you can fill out paperwork at the hospital to see if they have a room available.
A few things that determine eligibility:
Families must live at least 50 miles away
MUST pass a background check
Have to be referred to RMHC by a social worker at the medical facility / hospital
Please visit online for more information.

As you enter, it looks like a really nice and kid friendly hotel.  They have a 3 story "tree house" area as you enter for the kids, lots of stuffed animals, books, a game room, toys and more.  If you have to be away from home and have a sick one, this is a good place for the siblings!
This is the entrance on the ground level to the Tree House! 

When staying at RMHC, they ask for a $20-$25 donation per night to stay there, but if you don't have the money, they will not turn you away.  Not only do you have a place to lay your head at night, without having to worry about finding a hotel, you also don't really have to worry about your dinner each night.  I was surprised to find out that they have volunteers from the community that come and prepare dinner each night for the guests. The night we were there, they had a bank volunteering and making BBQ sandwiches for the guests.  Again, you have enough on your plate worry about your sick child, RMHC helps to try and take some of the worry away!  (They also have activities at 7pm Monday through Thursday nights!) 

As we toured the property, they had plenty of lounge area's available if you want to sit and try and refocus, maybe even visit with other families.  One thing that I liked?  They had a green roof!  Yeah, its winter and it was raining, but that roof has flowers blooming on it at times during the year! What a way to spread a little sunshine! 

RMHC allows families with children in the hospital to stay, but they also allow families that are seeking outpatient services as well.  Since there are guests that might be in wheelchairs, the place is very wheelchair friendly!  The rooms are spacious, with plenty of room to get around. The bathrooms allow access as well.
I loved that the furnishings in the room were donated by companies so that is less cost that RMHC would have to find money for!  

Each room has a welcome bag waiting on them. Again, all donated items from the bags to the items inside it!   
I loved that RMHC had the look of a hotel, as far as the rooms and cleanliness, but it does have a "home away from home" feel to it that I am sure is much needed in times like this!

There was so much to learn, I really do hope you will head over to the RMHC page to see what other information is available. 
I do want to share a couple more things:
1.   We noticed a coke machine in the dining area.    Come to find out, coke donates the cokes and then they charge a quarter per drink. The money raised for the coke goes towards funding for RMHC.
2.   When you purchase fries or a Happy Meal, they donate a portion of money from each sale to go back to RMHC.
3. If you have a child 9 or older and you want to volunteer, reach out to them, there are many ways to do so!  
4. They DO still collect the POP tabs from cans and get money from them! (I was happy about that, I thought they had stopped that one!) 
5.   You can "adopt a family" to help cover costs.  You can also buy items from the RMHC wish list to be donated! 

Like I said, there is so much we learned that we are looking forward to seeing how we can help out.
Please make sure to head to the Ronald McDonald House Charities page to learn more about them as well!

Thank, RMHC for the invite to come and learn more!   Helping hands growing hearts!  Gifts for generous donors for Valentines Day!


  1. I wish we had that place in Omaha. I'd love for Mica to volunteer somewhere. So far I just have him pick up trash at parks, get random carts and put them where they should be in parking lots, and other things like that.

  2. I knew by rumor that it was wonderful too. Happy to see some more insight into what's going on there. Big kudos to them too!!!! I love this post!


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