BOOMCHICKAPOP Tour - How do you plan to #CRUSHIT

Calling all fans of Popcorn...  Well, not just any popcorn.  Are you familiar with Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP?  I first tried it (and fell in love) at a friends house.  They had it out for a birthday party and it was a hit with everyone there!

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So get this... We love the Kettle Corn.  It is just SO GOOD.  Come to find out, I need to start broadening out flavors, as they are rocking it with several flavors to choose from.  Guess I do need to take those blinders off when at the store!
If you are in the Atlanta area, you are in luck!  Tomorrow (March 24th) they will be stopping at Perimeter Mall for a Tour.  From 3-7, they will have a LIFE SIZED BAG of BOOMCHICKAPOP for you to step inside and record a video. A video of what, you might ask.  They want you to record a video of what you will do a video for them to share of how you are going to "CRUSH IT" this year.  
More about the video's here: These videos are being compiled and will be shared across social media to help encourage and empower people all over the world. The new "Crush It" campaign is being debuted on this tour, as well as the Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP partnership with I AM THAT GIRL and the launch of the five new flavors.

They will also be in Conyers on the 25th and 26th (from 10-5) for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  (The life sized bag wont be there, because of weather, so don't get upset when you don't see it. You want to see it? Head to Perimeter Mall tomorrow!)

From Angie, on the BOOMCHICKAPOP website: 
Back when Dan and I first started popping kettle corn in our Mankato garage, we wanted to teach our kids the value of hard work—and have a little fun along the way. We also wanted a snack we felt good about feeding them (and, ah, the world). Flavorful snacks with real ingredients found in a kitchen, not in a lab (you know, ingredients you don’t have to scrunch up your face to say). Snacks packed with energy, not guilt. Snacks that keep the joy in snacking (and snacking and snacking…). With bright bags that radiate all the love and fun that went into them from the beginning.

Will you be there?  If not, how would you answer the question:
How will you #crushit this year????


  1. We like Kettle Corn too. Since we grew our own popcorn last year, we make our own Kettle Corn. It's so good!


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