Penguin Books for #WorldPenguinDay

I am not sure if your children have to read nightly for homework, but Broxton does. I love it (of course I do... I LOVE BOOKS!)  We take turns, sometimes he reads a page and then I read a page, other times I read to him and of course he reads to me, or quietly to himself.  Since he LOVES penguins, we made "World Penguin Day" homework to be reading all about Penguins. I posted a picture of our family penguins and was surprised how popular penguins are as favorite animals with the kids these days.  That being said, here are the books we read!  Enjoy!
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When Penguins Cross The Ice -   This was a fun book for us.  We learned about Emperor Penguins and how / why they cross the ice.  I loved that there were discussion questions at the end to make sure he payed attention.  It also included a glossary in case you needed help with any of the words.

We loved the beautiful illustrations in the book as well. 

Penguin Misses Mom - I thought for sure this would be for Savannah, since it was a board book. Nope, he did not care that it was for the younger age range, it was about penguins and had a cute little penguin in the story, so it was sent to his bookshelf!  He has shared it with her, but it is still "his" book.  In this book, Penguin is with the babysitter and REALLY misses mom.. but no worries, mom comes back home and all is right in the world again!  

Savannah and Broxton both love this book.  Sweet (and sad) little penguin makes you eager to turn the page to see what is going to happen.  

Space Penguins - Cosmic Crash - I hate that we have not read this one yet.  This is one that will take more than a night of reading.  We are already in the middle of another book, so this one will be read next.  

This is a chapter book that also has pictures.  Perfect to break up the reading for a bit and let them enjoy the illustrations in the book as well.  

Do you have any fans of penguins in your house? 


  1. Mica loves penguins! A favorite movie for awhile was Mr. Popper's Penguins.


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