Battle for Metropolis is now open at #SixFlagsOverGeorgia ! #JusticeLeague

Hope you are familiar with Six Flags Over Georgia, if not, you need to be!  As a child, I remember vacations to Six Flags.  When I moved up to Atlanta, I got a season pass with my roommate.  With an 8 year old, we are loving Six Flags these days.  We were invited to come check out their newest ride, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.  I am NOT a ride person, so Broxton was thrilled to have his big brother there for the day!  I thought we would be there for just a couple hours, due to the Georgia temperatures (I love the air conditioner!)
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Like I said, I am not a ride person and we were invited to check out the newest ride. I was excited for Broxton, since he is all about the Justice League and super heroes. I asked his older brother to join us, knowing he would ride the ride with Broxotn.  They rode it and came out to Savannah and I.  Broxton asked me to go with him, because I would like it. (Pregnancy with Broxton changed my love of roller coasters to not liking them.)  He said I would not get sick, so I said I would take him to ride it a second time.  He then told me that would be his fourth time!!!!    
As you approach, you come to the Hall of Justice arch greeting you.  Talk about massive and gets your curiosity going!!!!

Battle for Metropolis, the newest 4d ride!!!  It was really cool! You enter the area and a cyborg is waiting telling you whats going on. Then, you hop on the car to get going.  (Each car holds up to 6 people, so grab your friends to go!)  You head into fighting the joker and other guys to help save Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.  You shoot the targets as you ride through and it was fine.  Then you hit a Loop and a crazy turn.  At that point, I will tell you I had my eyes closed. I have said before I am not a fan of rides, because of the movement.  Yes, I know we weren't really going and turning like that, but it got me a bit motion sick.  Closing my eyes, I was fine, so I think everyone that is of the right height should give it a go!!!! If I can do it, you can too!!!

Someone was excited to have mama on the ride!  

Once the ride was over...  I had to get a picture to remember the day!  

After riding several times on Battle for Metropolis, we headed to explore the park!  Normally Broxton just wants to go to the Kid Section, but this time Big Brother talked him into checking out Superman. That was the first ride of coasters for the day.  

They ended up riding pretty much every ride there that day!
 Savannah was there too and had a great time riding the rides in Bugs Bunny Boomtown!

More about Battle for Metropolis:
Engaging in a full-sensory journey on JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis, guests will battle alongside BATMAN™, SUPERMAN™, WONDER WOMAN, THE FLASH and GREEN LANTERN against Lex Luthor, The Joker and his henchmen. The interactive attraction features:

·         A 22,000 square foot HALL OF JUSTICE to house this full-sensory thrill ride;
·         A 4D ride experience with wind, fire, mist and fog effects, plus life-like animatronic characters;
·         Non-stop action, as the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team travels through laughing gas and flames in 11 high-intensity scenes;
·         One of the first-ever virtual loops, giving riders the feeling of going head-over-heels;
·         High definition 3D animation that fully immerses riders inside the city of Metropolis;
·         All-new, Unreal 4 Gaming engine; and
·         6-passenger vehicles with multi-degrees-of-freedom to transport riders through all the exciting twists and turns.


  1. That's so great you could take them on the rides. I bet it helped to have the older boy there to assist with Savannah when you wanted to go on rides with Broxton. How fun! You're making memories for sure.

  2. My daughter is 18. She loves Six Flags like no other. I'm glad her brother is getting old enough to ride with her on the coasters. I used to love them but line waiting for 2 minutes of speed isn't worth it to me these days. ;) #oldgalinthehouse


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