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Loot Crate keeps Broxton in some of the coolest shirts and sends along some of the neatest things in their monthly boxes.  I am always amazed at the great things they put in there and I am so fortunate that we have been able to review their boxes for some time now.  If you are looking for a great gift idea (for yourself or someone you know) make sure you check it out!
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While we have been lucky enough to review Loot Crate for a while now, don' t you think that Broxton has received everything in them.  (Not a chance... sometimes, but never always!) This latest box has a great item that I am putting up for one of his Christmas gifts!

Hidden among the treasures inside this particular Loot Crate (Guardian theme, just so you know) was one of their special Monthly Pins.  This one was Avatar- The Last Airbender theme.  Also a heads up, this months box transforms into a Ghost from Destiny. (More on that below...) 

Each month, I am introduced to something new from Loot Crate.  Here is another I am not familiar with...  Destiny.  After looking online, I see it is a game, so that might be why I have no clue.  Either way, they have a set of patches that look really nice and keep a lookout... It might be a giveaway soon!  

This will be part of Broxton's Christmas this year.  Star Wars coloring book and official Loot Crate colored pencils?!  Why yes, I think so!!!! I will tell you, the temptation is strong on this for me to claim as my own, but I am holding out so far! 

As much as we enjoy reading, you know I look forward to the Loot Crate magazine.  This always contains articles to read, as well as information about each item included.

We have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2, yet.  We have seen the first one, so when I saw BABY GROOT in here, I was so excited!   That is just too cute!  It is a Rocket and Baby Groot Q-Fig and I think that we will be putting up a display shelf in Broxton's room to show off our collection. 

Looks like we will be having a movie night soon and introducing Broxton to The Goonies!  I have not watched it in YEARS and after looking online, I see it was released in 1985.  Have you ever seen this movie?  

So, out of all in the box, what would you say is your favorite?  I am having a toss up between the Star Wars Coloring Book and The Goonies shirt. As always, I am still amazed that the quality and quantity of items has yet to be a disappointment.
School will be starting soon, so maybe this would be a great back to school gift.  Maybe you have a child headed to college, this would be a fun way to send them off. (*First piece of mail that isn't a bill!  Yes!!!!!)  Loot Crate to the rescue!


  1. I love The Goonies shirt. Mica would like it too. I just had him watch that last year.

    BTW your header is cool.

  2. I like the coloring book. We just got a Star Wars book here, a coloring book would be a fun addition. The Loot Crates always sound fun.


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