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Have you ever been to the website  We are always online looking at things and this site is full of information!   I have always been a fan of the SUV styled cars and have owned a few different ones over the years. Broxton loves all styles of cars (we always have to stop and look whenever there is a car show) We ended up getting a truck after Marc realized that a motorcycle just wasn't the best for a mode of transportation when you have kids. Current mode of transportation?  A Honda HR-V that does really amazing with gas mileage, especially after driving a Ford F150 for years!  True story, first time I filled the Honda up, I asked someone if it was average to fill up around $20, since I had been spending more in the $60 range for years....
I sure wish I would have known about back when we first started looking at trading in the truck for something more my style!  Don't get me wrong, I love the decision we made, but going to one website to look at reviews and to compare vehicles makes searching so much more easier than going to site after site and search engine after search engine!  We looked at several sites and then went to dealerships searching for the perfect car for us, knowing about this website would have saved some time!

As a mom to 2 small kids, safety is a huge deal for me... that and of course room!  I don't know about you, but whenever we go ANYWHERE it seems as though I have to pack the whole house to make sure we didn't forget anything with them.   Before we started our search for the right car, we looked online and would narrow down the cars, then we would go and look and test drive.  It had to be right, enough leg room for anyone to sit in the back, not to mention it had to be able to fit a car seat in there with room to spare.  Those of you children, you know what I am talking about! 

I went to check out the site to see what it would say about my car and this was pretty great.
They list what they like, what they don't like and "notable features."
Then, they list reviews that have so much more information.
Just a few of the key points from the review:  Versus the competition, how it drives, cargo and storage, safety and more!

If you are not in the hunt for a car now, you can always use it to plan your dream car!
(Broxton has his sites on a Lamborghini!)  Meanwhile, there is a co-worker of mine that wants another truck and I keep telling him he wants to get a car, as they are so much more affordable and he likes to travel, this way he could save more money to spend on travelling and less on gas to get there!
Make sure to check out to see if they can answer all of your questions! 
What do you look for when purchasing a new car?


  1. I'll have to use this service faster than I want to. Our Civic is the same as Mica.

  2. I like the SUV style too. There's a ton of room, but like you said the gas is expensive. That wasn't a challenge once upon a time, but it is now, so I'm in a compact 4-door. I like it. :) When I upgrade to a bigger model, I'll go to before I even set foot on the lot!


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