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College Football.  Do I have your attention now?  If you are from the south, you probably know that football season down here.  We have winter, spring, summer and football seasons.  No matter if you are coming to town for the game this Monday, or if you live near Atlanta. you want to try and plan to work the College Football Hall of Fame into your plans somehow or another. 
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My dad went to UGA, as well as my brother.  That being said, we bleed red and black and aren't fans of all orange (Tenn, Auburn and Florida to name a few...)  I was invited a bit ago to check out the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta and I have to tell you, it is impressive. 
When you walk in, you are immediately greeted with a wall full of all the helmets of all College Football teams.  There are currently over 700 up there.  It is fun to try and find your team, but its neat that when you register your ID badge for your experience, a little light shines by your helmet.  More than one person can register at a time, so its cool to watch all the different teams represented. 

I thought this art wall was beautiful, so I had to take a picture of it.  I was not familiar with Penley at the time, but after visiting my brother and commenting on a set of his UGA coasters, I was quickly schooled on Penley as the artist.  I would love to own a set of UGA coasters, or even a book of his...  maybe one day?
 So anyways, remember how I said the light would light up when you registered your badge?  Well, it is because the College Football Hall of Fame (CFHOF from here on out in this post) has so many interactive areas!  This isn't the best photo, but once you register, you walk up to different screens and it immediately scans to show who is looking at it.  See where is says Hello NOELLE?  Look closely and you can see part of the UGA logo... that shows I registered for UGA, so they told me information about UGA at the different screens I went to.
One part of the CFHOF is the touchstones area where they have different replica's of the "Touchstones" that each team does before each game.  I thought that was pretty neat!
 Hall of Fame... Yes... Bulldogs... Yes!!!!
As soon as we left, I called my brother to let him know that one of these days, we will HAVE to plan on taking our dad their for the day... It is just too cool and so much to see, do and learn! 
 Vince Dooley is a man all UGA fans love.  I still crack up thinking about the last time I met him.  He was getting ready to do a book signing and I had the boys with me... Broxton and I were in  UGA gear and the older boys were in LSU shirts.  Coach Dooley wanted to know when Broxton was going to get his cousins to pull for the right team!  I was laughing so hard!!!!!!!  The couple times I have met him, he has been the nicest of people... Love  Coach Dooley, so I had to get a picture of this! 
 Broxton really seemed to enjoy himself there that day too.  He registered as LSU so that we could see different things, so we would go to each screen and read both teams information. 
 As I said, very interactive.  They have so many screens giving you information, but they also have more "fun" things too!  They have a virtual reality area where you can sit and look through VR glasses at a couple different school stadiums.  They also have an ESPN game day area where you can superimpose yourself on the screen and call the team you think will win.  It for real looks like you are up there with the guys and it was a big hit for everyone!  Oh, another fun area?  (That I can't wait to see my dad in... if he will do it... )   you get to be in a broadcast booth and call great plays from the past! 
Down on the first level is the tailgating area.  They had it set up with tailgating games and so much to enjoy before or after your tour.  They even have several large screens set up there to let you watch the games while you are there!!!!We really had a great time and I can not wait to go back to the College Football Hall of Fame again.  They really have so much to offer. 

Again, if you are in town for the game, try to plan a trip.  If you live in Atlanta, you need to try and go (heads up, you might want to look at a season pass... GREAT benefits and really affordable!)  If neither of these apply to you, think about planning a trip to Atlanta sometime soon and plan on working this into your schedule!!! You will thank me for it later! 

Make sure to sign up for their emails.  They offer great events for Mothers Day, Fathers Day and so much more!!!!!   I am already ready to go back again! 


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