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It seems as though there is a NATIONAL day or month for everything these days.  I was excited to learn that February was National Hot Breakfast Month.  Krusteaz sent us a great gift to try and make the most out of it and I will tell you now, we are Krusteaz fans!  I had heard of, but never used, Krusteaz... but now it will be in our house! 
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I hate to admit that Broxton and I really never did much in the kitchen together. He will ask for pancakes from time to time and honestly I would just buy a thing of frozen ones and throw them in the microwave super fast. Now, I can proudly say that I can whip up a batch of fresh ones whenever he wants them! 

Savannah saw I was in the kitchen and she wanted to help me out.  Next thing I knew, she had pulled her stool up in there and was beside me ready to go! I let her help me stir it all up and she was having so much fun being a big girl! It was fun, you know.... Mardi Gras was in February, so I surprised the kids with party pancakes one day!  I made them and added purple, green and yellow sprinkles!  They were so fun to make and their expressions were priceless.

I don't remember where I learned of puffins (pancake muffins) but I love the ease of making them.  Just do the following:
mix your pancake mix like normal
add them 2/3 the way full in a muffin tin (go ahead and add liners to them for ease)
then add a few mix-ins for fun.
 (We like adding syrup and bacon.  You can also add fruits, nuts or whatever makes your want!)   
The good thing about these?  I made them and sent them for Broxton's lunch once.  (Also super easy to heat one up and eat it on the way out those mornings you are running late!)
See that face full of joy?  That is what makes all of these memories so special!   

Let me know, what do you make for a nice hot breakfast.  
Are you familiar with Krusteaz? 


  1. I haven't gotten a mix in years. I just make it. I bet this would make mornings easier though.

  2. It sounds super versatile. I could be wrong but I think my DIL makes puffins of some sort for my granddaughter. :) Look how big your wee little is getting!! Such a cutie patootie!!


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