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We have been reading more than normal these days.  I really do need to sit down and do an update post for you all, but that is for another day.  Anyways, like I said... reading more than normal.  Savannah asks for a couple books each night before bed and you know that makes the book lover in me so happy! 

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A recent book that has made it into our nightly rotation?  The Backup Bunny by Abigail Rayner
We love it!!!!  Lucky for me, my kids never really got into having a certain "lovey" that was their go to carry around toy.  They both love toys and have to take something with them, but it was never really the same thing.  Broxton would have cars or trains or an animal of some sort.  (He has been on penguins for a few years now...)  Savannah normally likes to take some little toy or one of her stuffed animals.  This book is for all the mama's and daddy's out there that know how it is when their little one loses their "lovey" and how tough it is.  Actually, when I became a first time mom, I was told to make sure to buy 2 of whatever it was that became Broxton's favorite, that way if he ever lost it, we would have a back up to help us out. THANK YOU SO MUCH that we never had to worry about that! 
The Backup Bunny is actually a cute story about a little boy that loses his bunny... but it is told from the point of view of the BACKUP BUNNY.  Cute story!!!  ( I have to share a secret, whenever I read the story, I hear Will Arnett reading it to me in his BATMAN voice!!!!  Wouldn't that be great?!)

Let me know, what are you reading these days...  Also, do you ever read a book and hear someone else's voice reading it, or am I alone on this?


  1. That book looks so cute! I'm glad she likes being read to. Isaak's into a survival series. Mica reads so much I can't keep track of what he's into.

  2. I haven't been reading anything. Isaak however got into the show The Dangerous Book for Boys. Now he's into the book. I came home and there were paper airplanes all over. In the book they talk about different ways to make them. Another day he was trying all kinds of knots. I gave the book as an idea to my sister to get him for his birthday. We only have it from the library.


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