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If you have been around me before, you know that we have major issues with eczema at our house.  Broxton had it as a baby and outgrew it, thank goodness...but little miss Savannah?  Man, this girl has it rough!!!!  She has had a tough go with it off and on from when she was little.  It never really cleared up and was getting worse seeing her pediatrician, so I ended up taking her to a dermatologist because I thought it had to be something else if nothing was working.  Nope, it is eczema... she just has it REALLY bad and has SEVERE sensitive skin.  (Yes, we have changed detergents, watched food, used oils, tried a million different lotions and even had friends make different concoctions for her... nothing works.) We took her to an allergist when the dermatologist told us to do so and poor girl... she is allergic to everything (dirt, grass, trees, nuts, you name it) ...  Like, it would be best to have her in a bubble, but that is not fun... Friends and family always send me messages about different "cures" that they see/ hear about and one company has been repeatedly messaged to me....
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Eczema Honey.   It was all over my Facebook.  Started popping up on Instagram.  I was even getting messages about it. I reached out to see if they might be interested in working together to see if this might be what helped us out.  Yes, We have the medicine that works, but I honestly don't like having her on that 24/7.  Also, if I STOP the medicine, it is back just as bad as it was before within 24 hours, so we have got to find a solution.  This is what we looked like:

Just look at how bad the tops of her feet are... I know it is also due to hear shoes and being in the sand at school, but there has to be something to help this!

The backs of her poor little legs..  

Her arms!  Ugh... She just constantly claws at herself and cries.  

We decided to give Eczema Honey (EH from here on out in my post) a try when the jar arrived... I mean, at this point, it can't hurt right?  I guess I should add that she SCREAMS and cries as soon as I put ANY lotion on her... and normally screams and cries at bath time because the water hurts the eczema.  She will tell you " I hate this mean old eczema, it hurts me so bad!"  I don't know when we have slept through the night, since she is always clawing her skin and crying due to the eczema...
So, the EH arrived and I was excited, she wasn't... and I don't blame her!  She actually let me put it on her and she did not cry at all!   I was so excited!  I played and told her it smelled so good and for her to run and tell her grandparents about it... (It really has no scent at all, but hey... I do what I have to do for goodness in the end as long as no one gets hurt!)  She was excited and actually slept pretty good that night...  I just knew it was the miracle I had been looking for...  The next morning she let me put it on her again...  YES!  We are winning this one!!!! 
Unfortunately, it was not the cure all that every one told me it was going to be... It did help, but in the end... we decided that we needed to go back to her medicine to help get it cleared up.  Remember that I told you when we stop using the medicine it IMMEDIATELY flares up just as bad as it was to start with??  Well, I can proudly say that we use the EH with the medicine and rotate it... and it has kept the flare ups much lighter than they used to be!!!!   |
I am supposed to give her one cream 2 times a day with an oral medicine once at bedtime... then rotate it with another cream weekly...   I have been giving her the one cream once a day and then rotating it with the other... and using EH instead.  It isn't cured, but we are improving and to me that is a win!!!! 
You know I keep it real with you... so I will throw it out now that at $30 a jar, it is rather pricey, but to get away from the prescribed medicine, I don't mind trying it.   I do think that I am going to buy another jar (we are almost out, it is her WHOLE body that needs it... so we go through it often!) and try a different route.  I think I want to try the medicine and get it "cleared" up as good as it can be... and then try to go with the EH only to see if that keeps it okay instead of rotating it.  I also want to give the spray a try as that might be a good thing to spray on her when she comes in from outside (with everything she is allergic to) to try to keep it calm. 

I have had a few people ask if it is greasy/ oily/ sticky.  I am still trying to find a way to describe it!  No, it is not any of that, but it does have a certain feel that is left on your hands.  Personally I wash my hands when I am finished, but I think it is because I just don't like things on my hands... My mom had no complaints with touching Savannah with it on her and my mom doesn't even use lotion at all because she hates the feel. (Yes, she has sandpaper skin, I tell her that all the time!)  Final thing...  it tells you to keep it refrigerated, so keep that in mind for temperature....

Below are pictures with using EH off and on, while also using the medicine. If I do end up ordering the Ultimate Relief Kit and trying what I said about "clearing as good as can be" and then going with just EH for a few days, you know I will update you and let you know what the end result looked like. 

Front again... 

Back of the legs
 I also wanted to do a comparison picture for you..
The red shirt photo was today and the green and white pants photo was when the eczema was at its worst on the first time we put EH on her. 
I think it looks much better than it did, but it did not clear it up completely.  I am happy with the results!  I had a few people message me to let me know that they keep EH on hand for when they need it.  So yes, I would suggest you give it a try if you are in need! 


  1. It's nice to find anything that will help, especially if it's so bad it's ruining bath and bed time! I'm glad so many people are on the lookout to help too. You never know when someone will find something you didn't know about that might work!

  2. Poor thing. Both my boys had that on their scalps when they were babies. I think they may have gotten it from when they were both really sick. They got heavy antibiotics to save their lives, but that took the good bacteria out of them. Then they had the flair ups. It was hard getting rid of it after that point. Every once in awhile they get a small patch somewhere. Probiotics helped, but they had to have long term. Nothing like Savannah though. :(

    My Dad got it on his eyelids. Nothing seemed to work topically. My Allergist Doc saw him. He had him on a Steroid cream, and had a strict diet. He wasn't tested to be allergic to any foods, but had him on it anyhow. Between the cream, and diet his eyelids are better. He's done with the cream now.

    I really think different people are different for what they need. What works for one, doesn't work for another. You live in a humid place, which doesn't help. :(

    Mica still has a rough patch under his chin. He's been treated with Steroids, it worked, but in the end I stopped them. I just didn't want him to have them long term. He just has it. It doesn't bother him, so I let it be.


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