Kids Parties - Yay or Nay? #WordlessWednesday

I get so frustrated that each year I have a party for Broxton/Savannah and send invitations out.  I would love to have everyone attend, but I know sometimes it just isn't their thing... What annoys me is that most parents don't even bother to RSVP.  I know it should not bother me, but it does.  I normally put my number on the invitation and put to call or text. I know I would much rather text people, so that option is there.   Most parents don't do parties anymore either and that makes me sad.  Honestly, I was getting worried maybe they just did not want to come to my kiddo's party, but then the few we have been invited to, we make it a point to go.  Normally when we get there, we are just one or two of the "friends" that come and there are many treat bags left over where you can tell more kids were invited.  I would just feel HORRIBLE if a child had a party and no friends came, that is why I make it a point to go if at all possible when we are invited.  

This is from Broxton's birthday this year.  I love that it has the big HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign with little ol' Savannah skating by!   

Kids Birthday parties?  Do you throw them?  Do you go to them?  
Is it just family?  Do you invite friends?    
If you are invited, do you RSVP????


  1. I think the days of RSVPing have gone by but I definitely think it's a mannerism that should still be done.

  2. I've struggled with it for years. I do RSVP and have my kids go. I have had parties, but not a lot of kids come sometimes, and other times it's overwhelming.

    Mica has people that like him in school, but not a group of friends. Nor does he hang out with kids outside of school. Isaak has friends he hangs with. Towards the end he hasn't fit in the artsy group because they were drawing bad pictures of Hitler with guns and swastikas (seriously!), the sports kids cussed a lot, then there were the kids that got expelled, and lastly there was the girl group which some excepted him, while others did not because he was a boy. :(

    Mica has a birthday when school starts, and Isaak has a birthday when school ends. It's so hard.

    We're having a pizza party for Isaak on Saturday. We sent invites and a text. We'll see what happens. It is Memorial Day weekend, but last weekend we were out of town, and next weekend I have my own student's graduation to go to.

  3. I have to tell you this...Isaak had his friend party this weekend. He only had 4 people invited. It was from 11 - whenever. Maybe my fault I left the time open. Anyhow a kid showed up with his overnight stuff. I thought it was odd. Then I found out it was because he was going to one of the other boy's houses afterwards for an overnight. Even more odd. Like do the grandparents (in this case) have him bring all this to spend the night at another boy's house? Well the one that brought the stuff had his ear buds in tuning people out. Then I caught him trying to prank Target. I told him to hang up the phone the 2nd time. It was on speaker. I could hear what he was doing. Then after the meal the 2 overnight boys go to leave. I piped up, "Ummm no the overnight can wait. Isaak hasn't even unwrapped gifts, and we haven't played the game I had planned." They acted so put out. Then left after with no, "Thank you." I was annoyed. Another kids that stayed said, "I don't know why they had to do that. It's your birthday party man!"


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