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There is a particular quote that has stayed with me lately... 
"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.."  Those that know me, know that my kiddos are the most important thing to me.  I really will say that they are my everything and my biggest pride.  We might not do as much as we used to, but one thing for certain is we love, love, LOVE family movie night.  There really is nothing like getting snacks and drinks and then snuggling up to watch a movie with these guys!  I mean, we have plenty of furniture, but they like to sit as close as possible as if we only own 1 chair and that is all we are allowed to sit on!
Recently, we were sent a Wonder Park DVD and family survival kit for review.  I know we planned on seeing it at the movies, but lets be real... It gets rather pricey if we want to go and see ALL the movies that are available.  Also, it isn't as "snuggly" in the theater as it is at home, if I am being totally honest!  The kit was full of goodies that the kids and I have started to enjoy already and will be putting to use this summer!

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Okay, so let me tell you about the movie! 
Broxton tried to summarize it for me before it started based on reviews he had seen and I had to tell him to stop, as he was about to ruin the whole thing!   ( I will try and not do that!)
The movie starts with a little girl that has the best imagination!  I immediately thought of Savannah and it made me remember to try and always fuel the creativity of both of my children and not let anyone or anything hold them back!  The little girl, June, and her mom create a very wild and fun Wonder Park.A cool thing about the park?  It doesn't have regular rides.. and get this.. animals run it!  That part made me think of Broxton and his creativity with his Lego Bricks!  When June "thinks outside the box" she takes it to a whole new level and it was awesome having her lead the way!  The most awesome thing?  June discovers that not only did she imagine an amusement park of her dreams... it actually came to life and others get to enjoy it!  The bad news is it is in trouble.  Can June and the animals of her imagination save it????
Our family survival kit included fanny packs, sunscreen, toys, phone charger and more!  Perfect for summer trips!

We really loved the movie and actually have plans to take it to Savannah's daycare for the kids to enjoy a movie treat this summer!  They have already asked to watch it again, so this one is going to be in the mix for family movie nights this summer!  I am thinking we might even plan a movie night outside and try something different.  

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  1. Plan on watching with my wife and little niece

  2. I haven't seen this movie yet and would love to watch it with my grandsons.

  3. I haven't gotten to see it yet my kids want to really bad but it looks like a cute movie

  4. The kids want to see this over the summer. We usually go to 1 matinee a week in the summer.

  5. I didn't see it but my kids saw it with my wife. We regularly have family movie nights so this would join our rotation. My kids usually want to watch the same movie over and over and over again.

  6. I never did see it. BUT I thought it looked so cute when I saw previews for it. I'd like to give this to Isaak. He'd get into watching it with me.

  7. I have not seen this yet, but am planning on seeing it soon!


  8. No, I did not see it in the theaters. I would watch with my daughter

  9. No, we did not see this in the theater. Would like to watch this with my sons.

  10. I haven not seen this movie yet but hope to watch it with my son.

  11. We have not seen it yet. I would watch it with my grandsons.

  12. We haven't seen it yet in theaters. I'd love to watch with my daughters!

  13. I didn't see it while it was in theaters. I prefer to watch movies at home.

  14. we did not see this yet. Will see with the kids.

  15. I haven't seen this in the theaters yet.I plan on watching this with my family.


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