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Each year, we plan a trip to Biloxi at some part over the summer.  I honestly don't know how many years we have been going, but the Beau Rivage has always been in our lives!  I remember going back when it was on a boat, long before Hurricane Katrina.  Each year we try and do as much fun things as possible and people always ask... "Biloxi, with kids?"  It is surprising how much there is to do there.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love the casino... but there is more there than that!  This year, we planned our trip and I had everything figured out... except the weather!!!  Hurricane Barry headed there at the same time we did... but we still went! Just had to change the plans a bit.  One thing that didn't change?  Us getting to see a great show at "The Beau!"  

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I always love the way they have the place decorated during the summer.  I hear it is beautiful around Christmas, but we have never been there at that time.  You can't tell me that this picnic table with the ants isn't just too cute!  
One thing that I love about The Beau is that they offer a different Cirque style Show each year.  Another bonus?  They have things going on in the lobby on the weekends before show time! This year Savannah and Broxton each got their face painted... She was a princess, he got the facial hair from a pirate. Then, they both had to head on over to get items from the balloon artist.  They decided to go with golden swords and had battles in the room and since we have been home!    The kids also scored official Beau Rivage sunglasses and light up rings from one of the areas!  

The different face painting styles they offered!  

There are always 2 area's set up with face painting and advertising for the show.  One at each entrance, just in case you don't know that there is a show that day.  This one just happened to be near the arcade!  

This is where they scored the Beau Rivage swag... and their golden swords!   This is right by the main entrance that also leads to the casino/ elevators to the hotel rooms.  

Of course, we have been on a mission hiding kindness rocks, so we had to leave one there for someone to hopefully find!  This was placed right outside of the theater!  

No show is complete without concessions!  You can get things like soda or beer and also snacks like popcorn or candy. We ALWAYS have to have popcorn.  It really is a NEED for this crew!  My little princess and handsome pirate!  If you notice their shirts, we had planned on going to the baseball game afterwards, but the rain kept us away.  
The Beau never seems to disappoint with the acts that they bring each year.  We have been for several years and each year they try and change it up.One thing that is constant is the satisfaction in knowing money is well spent for the entertainment you are about to see!  I love all of the acts, but my favorites might just be the aerial ones!  I get so nervous for them, but at the same time, it really is magical.  Between them flying around on the ropes and then the other act with that silver circle contraption, I get so nervous!  ( I posted photos of both of them on my INSTAGRAM, go check it out!) 
The show this year (2019) is Lunaro.  It is at The Beau until August 7th, so you still have time to get tickets and check it out.  It is described as a "cirque style production celebrating Hollywood and the cinematic arts."   
This year I have to say that the act that has to be my favorite is the one that involved 2 guys from Ethiopia.  No lie, one guy flipped the other through the air over and over again, USING ONLY HIS FEET.  THE WHOLE TIME.  CRAZY!  I was about to fall out holding my breath being so nervous, but it looked like it was super easy for them!  Broxton's favorite was the comedian/clown act.  (I love how they add that in there each year so that literally people of all ages can enjoy the whole show!) Savannah said the clown lady was the "funniest thing she had seen in her whole life"  you know, because at almost 4 years she has seen SO MUCH!  The show lasts for 80 minutes and while that is a great length for a show when I have kids with me, I would have liked to have seen it last a little bit longer. Selfish on my part, but we were really having a blast!  We really had a great time and I can not wait to go back next year and see what the new show will be!  

The highlight each show is when it comes to an end and the whole crew comes out!  It is awesome to see everyone together at the end so you can look and see which act was the best to you and how many people work together to make it all so enjoyable.  We really enjoyed ourselves and highly recommend everyone checkout the show!  

Lunaro Information:
June 8-August (dark Fridays for headline entertainers)
Performances at 7 p.m.Mon.-Thurs.;and 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sat.and Sun.
Ticket prices are $12.95, $16.95 and $29.95 plus tax and service fee.
Special Offer Available: Four tickets for $40, plus tax & service fee (offer code LUNARO19)
Tickets available at the Beau Ticket Office, by phone at 888.566.7469 or online at www.beaurivage.com or www.ticketmaster.com
LUNARO room packages start at $12plus tax and fees, and include deluxe accommodations and two tickets to the show. Valid Mon-Thurs. Call 888.567.6667and mention offer codLUNARO19Pricing is subject to availability and package rates vary based on occupancy.
LUNARO19 is a show produced exclusively for MGM Resorts International and features a world-class cast of acrobats, aerialists, and dancers. Run time is approximately 80-minutes

We had a great time at the Beau Rivage.  Not only a great show to watch, but a fun trip that was just what we needed!  (Stay tuned, I have more to tell you about our 2019 Vacation.)  A HUGE THANK YOU to the Beau for helping me with my #MakingMemories goal!  


  1. That's awesome that you got to go even though the weather wasn't so lovely. I wouldn't mind giving it a try. And yes, popcorn at the movies is a need for my youngest son too. ;)

  2. That does look like a great show. I'm surprised you could stay. It seems like they'd be forcing people out with the weather. I think it's funny that there you stay when a Hurricane may happen. Me I'd be out of there. When snow happens I'd driving in it, you'd stay home. Ha!

    I love the painted faces. I know Mica wouldn't have his face painted (he's too old for that - whatever!), but Isaak might. They look cool!


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