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If your house is anything like mine, you have plenty of "things."  Why not change it up this year and give more "memories" or experiences?  We recently had the invitation to go see what all is going on at The College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia.  The kids and I have been in the past and had a great time, so this time we wanted to invite the biggest College Football Fan we knew... my dad!   The kids were SO EXCITED to get to take him somewhere and it was a trip that they had been looking forward to.  

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As you enter the building, you are greeted with a massive wall that has a helmet that represents each college football team.  Yes, over 700 football helmets are on display.  You go to a special kiosk and register your football team of choice. Of course, we went with UGA (dad graduated from there!) and then we had to scan all of the helmets to find the light underneath UGA to show our representation.  This is always so awesome to look at to me.  

My other favorite thing in there?  The Penley wall.  I absolutely LOVE his works and I am determined I WILL own one, one day... I mean, just look at that wall... GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so yeah... There are 3 levels to this place.  The bottom level is perfect for when you first get there if you have been cooped up in a car for a while and want to let the kids get some of their energy out. (*Also great to hit on the way out to tire them out for the road trip home!  )  See below:

Besides the helmet wall and Penley wall, this is what is available to enjoy on the first floor.  It is an indoor football field with different area's of skills that are interactive for fans to enjoy.  This is also where they do the "tailgate party" so you can enjoy that as well.  They have huge screens up on the wall so you can enjoy game day to the fullest!  (Yes, they also have a chick-fil-a right there to order food.)  

Remember how I said you register your team when you first get there?  You give them your name and email with your team.  Then...  as you go to the interactive exhibits, you are greeted with information on your team.  As you can see, the chick-fil-a cow welcomed my dad with "WELKOM BARRY - WE GOT NO BEEF WITH BULLDOGS"  Also, if you do any of the interactive exhibits that record (fight song, game day and more) you use your lanyard to save it for download once you leave.  

As you can tell, little miss is sporting a #34 jersey, so it was only fitting that I captured a picture of her with him on the screen.  (This is on the 3rd level, the "Hall of Fame" area.  Make sure you look out the window, its a beautiful view of Atlanta!  

Always a hit, the College Game Day booth is fun.  Broxton even picked Georgia to win the game!   We really had a blast on our event and it was great that the kids were able to treat my dad to a day to check it all out.  You can make a day in Atlanta and go there and see other attractions.  They host several events throughout the year.  Make sure you check out annual membership passes. This would be great to have under the tree and then have a years worth of memories!   

Who is your college team of choice?
GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I like the news booth. That does look like fun!

  2. That is an awesome place to take your dad!! I'm glad the kids got excited to go. My college team of choice is FSU, but I'll root for Nebraska or MSU too (all places I've earned degrees). FSU has my heart though. :)


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