Aloha Friday # 7

Time to relax...
In just a few minutes...

Before you do..

Please participate in Aloha Friday.

Kailani over at Island Life has a great meme going on!
You just post a question, answer hers with a link to yours... and then visit everyone else and leave some comment LOVE!!!!
Not much easier than that...
It is Friday!

My question today...

What do you call the "wound" on a child? LOL, I could not think of another word to post in the question...

I call it a boo-boo!

It has been a boo-boo in my family for EVER!
My husband (and his kids) call it a bo-bo!
I have never heard it called that before!
Some people I have even heard call it an ouchie..

So, what exactly DO YOU CALL IT?!


  1. Depends how much attention and crying is associated with it. Girls are way more dramatic.

    Have a great Friday!

  2. I think we called them owies. In fact I still do.

  3. We've called it a boo-boo or owie but now that my kids are a bit older it's just a cut or sore.

  4. Right now we call it an owie. But that's only because that's a word they can say, their vocab is pretty limited at this point!

  5. a boo~boo!! havent said that in a long time! Sounds soo cute!!

  6. LOL! What a fun question! Around our home it's Boo Boo or Owie.....

  7. I've always said boo-boo but now that my kids are older I just usually call it by whatever it is (scrape, scratch, cut, bruise, etc..).


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