Rubbermaid Lock its - Review UPDATED....

I do not know about you all, but I have a huge mess when it comes to the kitchen...
You know pots and pans, open the cabinet and out everything falls!
Or, go to find a storage container, only to find you have the container but no lid, or a lid but not the right size container...
I received a canister set for review and my mom has fallen in love!
They come in several different sizes and the lids fit more than one container.
They are safe in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer!
I was very relived when I took it out of the dishwasher to see it was as good as when I first got it! You know, how sometimes when they come out a little warped and not exactly the same shape as when you put it in? :) I will say, I put it on the top shelf, just to be safe.
I used one for vegetable beef soup and I have to say, there are no stains on it.
***** Although this is not a "stain - proof" line (as I earlier stated, sorry about that, I looked at something wrong. Rubbermaid does offer a line that is stain resistant, it is called Premier, I will have to check it out next! *****
I put raw cauliflower in one as well, everything stayed fresh!
One also stored ham... It has even been dropped a few times and the lid has not budged!
The lids "snap" closed, so that you do not have to worry as to if the lid is on all the way.
Also, they stack on top of each other, so when you are putting them in the fridge or the pantry, you do not have to worry about them falling over!
I love them!
With the holidays around, you could buy some to take if you are doing Thanksgiving somewhere... Or to get organized for a holiday party of your own...

From their website:

No spills! Lock-its Canisters have four locking tabs for an extra secure lid seal that prevents spills and keeps food fresh.
• 4 Locking tabs for an extra secure lid seal
• Built-in rubberized seal makes it easy to clean
• Easy Find Lids System keeps lids and bases organized! Lids snap to bases and to other lids for easy storage.
• One lid fits multiple bases
• Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe


  1. I've tried the Lock-Its containers and really like them, too! I didn't know that they made them in a 15-cup size. I could use a few of those!


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