Yo - Baby~ Review

Most people have heard of the Yo-Baby Yogurt...
I am not really a huge yogurt fan, therefore I have not really paid any attention to it.

Until now!
I recently got to try the Yo-Baby Yogurt 3 in 1 for Broxton.
The Yo-Baby 3 in 1 is this...
They take yogurt and then add a fruit and veggie puree at the bottom!
You just stir it up and enjoy.
Now, your little one is getting a bit of fruit, veggie and good for you yogurt all in one bite!
Talk about a great concept!
Oh yeah, how about it is ORGANIC as well!
Yep, sure is!!!

They come in 3 different flavors.
The flavors they offer are: Pear & Green Bean, Peach & Squash, Apple & Sweet Potato.

Okay, so you know I tried them too!
I can't really see how those combinations would work.. but they do!
I thought that we would like the Apple and Sweet Potato the best, but surprisingly...
Broxton and I both like the Pear and Green Bean the most!
THEN the Apple and Sweet Potato, followed by the Peach and Squash!
Check out their website to learn more about all of their great products!

*********** after Natalie's comment about it must be new, I feel as though I needed to add that part! YES! Yo-Baby 3 in 1 is NEW! It hit the stores July 1st! So go and check it out! ********


  1. I have not seen those flavors. The ones I use to use was Apple Pie (this was soo good), Banana, and pear. No veggies, these must be new. What a great idea!


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