Pumpkin Patch

I took B to the Pumpkin Patch the other day...
I just thought I would share a few of the pictures.
Of course, B looked EVERYWHERE in the world, but not at the camera!
When I tried to take pictures, he would break his neck trying to find anything and everything to look at...
Oh well, at least we had fun!
Maybe next year I can get him looking at me!

Hope you like the pictures!


  1. They're really cute photos, even if he wouldn't look at the camera. :)

  2. Love the pics! He's too cute! Ur a good photographer. :) Our sunflower pics are very similar. :)

  3. He looks completely entranced with the pumpkin in the first picture. :)

  4. Aaaaahh~ so cute!
    Those are very huge pumpkins! They are almost as big as B! :)


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