Smart Mom - Teething Bling - Review

I am in love...
Yes, we know I love M. and B...
I am talking about a product I love!
But, now I have found "THE" gift for all baby showers!
I am obsessed!
I actually told my mom that I wish I owned a store to sell all of the AMAZING things that I have seen online and of course, the WONDERFUL products I have had the privileged to review!

My new obsession?
Teething Bling!
I am not lying...
This could be the best invention, EVER!
At least with the teething stage that B. is in right now...

Let me go ahead and tell you about this wonderful secret I found..
LOL, Teething Bling.
It is a necklace, or bangle bracelet, or keychain made out of the same material used in other teething products. Check out all the cool products, here.

Amy over at Smart Mom Jewelry sent me a teething bling necklace for review.
I love it...
B. loves it!
Not even 5 seconds after I put it on, where do you think it went? In his mouth, of course!
I was a little worried that with B. pulling on it that it would hurt my neck. Nope, it doesn't!
They make the necklace out of this black silky cord. It has a clasp on it, very easy to close and as I said, I am in love...
For those of you with children in the teething stage, go and buy one now!

I was trying to explain just how awesome it is to my mom.
Think about it, they want to chew on any and everything!
You take them somewhere and you have to worry about it dropping on the ground... NOT THE TEETHING BLING! It stays on your neck!
You are trying to pay for something and your little one wants to grab on everything, once again... Not with the teething bling!
I took B. to the mall...
Just ran in really quick, so no need to lug the stroller out....
He was just as content as he could be... chewing on the teething bling!
Well, I could go on and on..
But, you need to head on over to the website and order one!
You can even check out the website and see what all celebs think that this is wonderful!

I posted the one I received for review...
I think I may go back and order another...
Maybe Lapis Lazuli, or the Moonstone, or the Onyx!
LOL, because you know I "need" them! :)

Let me know if you have even heard of this before.. or if you already own one!

***** I received a free Teething Bling Necklace for review.*****


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