W/W # 6 - NKOTB

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday...
Check out more pictures here:
5minutesformom or sevenclowncircus

Yes, I went to New Kids On The Block Concerts when I was a kid...
and Ummmmmmmm
I went and saw them in 2009!
Love it!
(Take a guess as to who my favorite is!)


  1. I was too old for the new kids originally. I must have been in an inbetween place at that time, lol. But...I'm gonna read that book in your yesterdays post! Looks good!

  2. Jordan was my favorite, too! I had friends who favored the others, and I really couldn't understand the ones that preferred Donnie or Danny. Jordan and Joey were the cutest. Hahaha! I went to see them at Giants Stadium when I was 15 and I thought that was the most exciting night of my life (up until that point).

    Ahhhh memories.

  3. Too funny, I had a feeling you would post a picture of one of these guys... You certainly were a die-hard fan!! :-)

    BTW, I have something for you on my blog:


  4. I wouldn't know who is your favorite, even by the photo because I don't know any of them! Even if you gave me their names, it wouldn't make a difference - never was a fan. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! :-)


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