Juice Beauty - Review

Remember how I mentioned that I love lotion and shower gel and all that yummy stuff?
Well, I have a secret to tell you...
I love it all, but I don't wear any type of moisturizer for my face! Honestly, I really do not even wear makeup!
The only time you see me with makeup is:
Going to a Party of some sort
any type of special occasion.
Other than that, nope, no makeup!
So, with no makeup, I figure, no makeup remover and no need for moisturizer.

That has changed now... ( I am 30 you know!)
I was sent a few different products from Juice Beauty for review and I love the moisturizer!

A little side note about Juice Beauty.
They are based out of Northern California. Besides using organic products, they also use recycled packaging and (I really like this one) 80 % of their products are produced with solar power!

They actually sent me their Oil Free Moisturizer as well as their Nutrient Moisturizer. I tried them for one week each and I love them both!


The solution for ageless beauty. This nutrient-rich organic moisturizer blends certified organic grape juice, vitamin-rich carrot juice and nourishing essential fatty acids to replenish and protect for smooth, healthy skin.

• replenishes and protects
• nourishing essential fatty acids


This lightweight organic oil-free moisturizer blends certified organic white grape and pomegranate juice with soothing aloe vera, vitamin antioxidants and nutrient-rich sea algae to hydrate and quench skin's natural moisture balance for a beautiful matte finish.

• lightweight moisturizing
• hydrates and quenches

They even have a comparison chart to help you see what is the best moisturizer for your skin type!

I was also sent the Cleansing Milk and I enjoyed it as well!
The Green Apple Peel they sent me was nice, I have always been scared of trying a peel because you always hear about how it messes up your face making it so red and all. Not the case here!
I really liked all of the products that I was able to sample! I also realized that I probably do need to go ahead and start using a moisturizer, I am not getting any younger!
Head on over to Juice Beauty and check out all that they offer!

*** I was sent these products for review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own. ***


  1. I'm in love with this brand too! and it's all organic! My skin has never been happier!


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